10 layout techniques for small bathrooms, part one


The bathroom is a place for high frequency use in every […]

The bathroom is a place for high frequency use in every family.

If you have a small bathroom in your house, you must use the content shared today:

10 kinds of small bathroom layout techniques, use strengths and avoid weaknesses, make our small bathroom easy to use and beautiful.

Wall storage

The biggest problem in a small bathroom is storage.

But in the bathroom, we need to store a lot of bits and pieces, such as skin care products, toiletries, small appliances, etc...

Finding storage space on the wall is an unsatisfactory rule for small spaces.

There is a little trick: Reusing the same storage container can make it look neater visually.

Ladder rack instead of towel rack

For bathrooms without towel bars, try a ladder rack.

The placement of the ladder frame is not restricted, and it takes up almost no space. It is very convenient to put towels, bath towels, pajamas and other knitwear.

This is especially applicable to rental houses, as there is no need to drill holes in the wall for construction, and it is also very convenient to carry when moving.

Add a little color to the bathroom

For a small bathroom, all white is used to make it more spacious.

However, if the entire bathroom is white, it will look monotonous.

In order to neutralize this dullness, using a colorful shower curtain is the easiest way.

reflection of mirror

The reflection of the mirror can make the room look bigger.

The small bathroom may wish to use a large mirror to get a more spacious bathroom experience.