50 Small Bathroom Ideas That Increase Space Part 4

Summary:20. Make a Water Resistant Statement Wallpaper that makes a ...
20. Make a Water Resistant Statement Wallpaper that makes a statement and catches our attention also enhances our space perception, plus it can help transform a bathroom completely. Find a style which works for you and your décor; we’d advise pairing a statement wall with a block colour, which again will help with the perception of space. 21. Tile Horizontally We've mentioned tiling vertically, but if you decide against it, plain tiles with a horizontal line of tiles will help to break the room up and visually enhance the space around you. It looks clean and simplistic, and you can focus more on your accessories to add visual interest. 22. Character Colour Adding just a hint of colour can make all the difference in creating a larger bathroom. This works best with predominantly white bathrooms, as only a hint of colour can add visual interest but not make the space feel overwhelming. 23. Bathroom Wooden Floors Wooden floors help to restore the image of the bathroom and also increase the width of the room. To keep it consistent throughout the space, you could opt for wooden accessories too, for example, a wooden toilet seat. 24. Tiled Floors Tiled floors have an elaborate effect on the bathroom, and if you keep the rest of the space simple, it will help the room to appear larger in size. Our advice would be to keep your walls a neutral colour and make your floor the statement! 25. Match the Shower Having matching shower and floor tiles help make the room appear larger as it keeps the design consistent, rather than breaking the room up with separate designs. This is one of the best tips for those with extremely small bathrooms. 26. Floor & Walls Another smart way of making your bathroom appear larger is by using the same tiles on the walls and the floor. This helps to keep the design consistent and draws your eyes across the whole room, you’ll find many spas do this, and it helps create a clean and crisp look. 27. Mirror Lighting Adding lighting above your main mirror will help enlarge the space in the room and make it easier to complete bathroom tasks. If you thought a large mirror alone was enough, try adding some industrial bathroom lighting and see the difference it makes.
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