50 Small Bathroom Ideas That Increase Space Part 6

Summary:36. Themed Accessories For those who have a smaller budget o...
36. Themed Accessories For those who have a smaller budget or who aren't ready to completely renovate, accessories can do wonders for compact spaces, specifically when choosing a theme. This will help in choosing and shopping for lighting, mirrors and small furnishings that will instantly transform the space. 37. Corner Features Oddly shaped bathrooms can be slightly more challenging, but you can make the most of them by adding small storage features for your toiletries and accessories, or simple ornaments to add character to the room. Art is being used more frequently in bathrooms nowadays, and they help to introduce a pop of colour. BATH IDEAS 38. Bath/Shower Combo When space is at its tightest, kill two birds with one stone and opt for an over-shower bath that offers the best of both. 39. Freestanding If you want a focal feature to stand out in a small space, freestanding baths can work a treat. They add an elegant and luxurious touch and are available in all different shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to fit into your bathroom space. 40. Slipper Who said that small bathrooms can't be comfortable? Slipper style baths, which are given their name by the roll-top shape, allow you to rest your back. Like freestanding baths, they come in all different sizes and work well as a focal bathroom feature. 41. Sunken If you want to add a wow factor and a modernised touch to your bathroom that will save tons of space, consider a sunken bath. Providing you have the space for such a feature below your floorboards, they look incredible and can be customised to the size you want. SHOWER IDEAS 42. Wet Room Wet rooms look luxurious, but importantly they help save space in extremely small bathrooms. Ensure you have a decent extractor fan installed to avoid any potential damp and mould problems if you do decide to install a wet room. 43. Shower Screen Shower screens offer a simple and decorative solution to increase space. Try matching the colour of the screen with the colour of your ceiling; this will help to make the room appear bigger. 44. Corner Shower In many instances, there isn't enough room for a bath, therefore making use of a corner with a shower works wonders. Corner showers take up very little room and opting for a sliding door rather than a hinged one will also save on space. 45. Just Glass A full glass shower allows your bathroom to appear more spacious, allowing light to reflect against the surface directly. 46. Floating Vanity Floating units allow us to visually maximise the space in our bathroom and save precious floor space that could easily be used for storage. They look great, and they’re very practical! 47. Corner Sink Make the most of those awkward corners and install a sink. The oval style shape often helps to widen the space around it and installing in front of your toilet is advised rather than the shower. 48. Trough Trough sinks are a narrow and stylish solution for those lacking space. Similar in style to a floating vanity means for a healthy dose of storage space below. There are many styles available, meaning you are able to find the perfect trough to fit into your interior style. 49. Wall-mounted Faucet Mounting a faucet on your wall means your sink can be much narrower, which naturally saves overall space. Even if your bathroom is traditional, faucets work in any environment and add a touch of class. 50. Go Long Long sinks work well even in small spaces. Often, you'll be able to store your toiletries either side of the sink and could even install a lengthy cupboard beneath to keep your bathroom organised and clutter-free. The possibilities are endless!
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