Are you still confused about bathroom decoration?

Summary:The bathroom is an important space in our lives, and it is a...
The bathroom is an important space in our lives, and it is also an area with a very high frequency of use, so it takes a little more thought in the decoration. A perfect bathroom is not only clean and hygienic, but also can better enhance the home life experience, so this one must not be careless. What are the bathroom decorations that need everyone to pay attention to? Come and see with us!  First, the ground should be anti-slip If you have children and elderly at home, you should pay attention to waterproof and non-slip bathroom floor materials. It is best to use non-slip floor tiles with raised patterns. This type of floor tiles not only have good waterproof performance, but also will not be too slippery in the presence of water. . When decorating the walls, wall tiles matched with floor tiles are also used, so that the bathroom decoration has an overall effect. When installing toilets and other sanitary wares, care should be taken not to damage the ground waterproof. This is very important. If the anti-skid is not done well, it is actually unsafe for the elderly and children in the family to use the bathroom. Anti-slip mats, anti-slip blankets, anti-slip handles, etc. can all be considered. Friends must not be careless here. Second, the top should be moisture-proof Moisture-proof and cover on the top of the bathroom are the most important. When decorating the top of the bathroom, it is best to use a metal aluminum alloy gusset with good waterproof performance. This kind of board can be installed on the keel to cover the pipes. The pvc board is used for bathroom decoration. It is also a good choice. The upper part of the bathroom may have been abnormally humid due to various mists, so it is quite necessary to do a good job of moisture prevention. Third, choose a suitable bathtub Nowadays, many people want to install a big bathtub when decorating the bathroom. The idea of ​​taking a bath is understandable, but they have to choose according to the actual situation of their home. If you have a smaller area, you can choose a small and deep bathtub. If you have a larger area, you can consider a massage bathtub with more functions. In addition, make sure to reserve pipes when decorating! Fourth, the protection of lamp switches Since the bathroom is relatively humid, you must be careful when installing lights, wires, etc. Lamps and switches are best to be equipped with safety protection, and the connectors and pins cannot be exposed. It must be protected, otherwise it is also a very dangerous thing. In the past, there were frequent incidents such as electric leakage in the news, so we must not take it lightly. Fifth, pay attention to lighting and ventilation Daylighting and ventilation, both of which cannot be omitted, are equally important for bathroom daylighting and ventilation. Since there is generally no natural light in the location, the brightness should be slightly stronger to compensate for the lack of natural light. Suggestions 1. It is best to use showers in small bathrooms. If the bathroom area is not more than 5 square meters, it is best not to choose a bathtub. The area saved by the shower room can be used to put the washing machine. Therefore, you should consider the actual situation of your family (housing area, financial resources, living habits, hobbies, etc.), and avoid blindly following the trend and copying the design. Sixth, choose a good Yuba A good bathroom heater is the key to whether it can bring a good bathing experience, so you should also consider the choice of bathroom heater when decorating. At present, most of the Yuba on the market are light-warming Yuba and wind-warming Yuba. The lamp-heated bathroom heater is the oldest bathroom heater. Although the price is relatively low, its inherent safety hazards cannot be easily ignored. Explosions and eye injuries, especially children’s eyes, should be considered carefully. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone consider the wind and warm Yuba.
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