Bathroom layout skills 2

Summary:Don't forget the corner position Small bathrooms are not sui...
Don't forget the corner position Small bathrooms are not suitable for installing bulky partitions, but rather occupy space. The small partition is unstable and easy to fall. How to do? Don't forget the corner position in the bathroom. Install partitions against the corner position to store items more safely. L sex shower curtain It seems that a small bathroom wants a shower room. After all, it is really not realistic to make a hard partition in a small space. At this time, you can try to hang the L-shaped shower curtain. It doesn't take up any space, only a corner is needed, and you still have your own shower room. The addition of stripes The addition of striped pattern soft decorations, such as shower curtains and carpets, can visually "expand" the bathroom. To look wider, try a shower curtain with horizontal stripes. If you want to look longer in the bathroom, you can try a vertical striped floor mat. Handling of strange shapes If unfortunately, the shape of your bathroom is irregular, how should you avoid this defect? It’s better to just stick to the plan and put wallpaper on the parts with special shapes. Don’t cover all the walls with wallpaper. Use “special” to deal with “special”. Don't have a style. Round magic In the bathroom, mirrors are indispensable. For small bathrooms, round mirrors are more suitable than square mirrors. The circle shape can be better integrated into the space without creating a sense of division, and the entire space feels more comfortable. Up and down comparison Narrow spaces tend to give people a sense of constriction. At this time, you can use a contrasting wall surface to resolve this narrowness. Use easy-to-clean tiles on the bottom, wallpaper on the top, or paint in other colors that are different from the bottom. Up and down comparisons can create visual magic to cope with small spaces.
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