Don’t Forget the Flooring

Summary: Now that you’ve picked your favourite shower enclosure, let...
Now that you’ve picked your favourite shower enclosure, let’s talk flooring. It is all too easy to forget about your feet when planning a shower room but they count too! If you choose tiles for the flooring of your shower stall then for the sake of safety, slip-resistance is the principal factor you need to plan for. Certain types of tiling material are far more slip-resistant than others. Tip: Learn more about the slip-resistance of different tiles in our bathroom tiling article. Have you found the perfect slip-resistant tiles for your floor? Then now you should consider treating your toes with in-floor heating. In-floor heating will keep your toes toasty warm when you walk into the bathroom in the morning. No need to freeze your feet on cold tiles in the morning after you step out of the shower anymore. Instead, say hello to toasty toes and a warm bathroom! Top It off with Tiles Speaking of tiles, once you have accounted for the slip-resistance of your floor, why not play around with different tiles designs? Shower room tiles are a fun way to express your personality and showcase your unique sense of style. To spark your inspiration check out some of the suggestions below. Pebble Floor As their name aptly suggests, pebble tiles are tiles which are made from a variety of pebbles sealed together. The pebbles set in these tiles will add a one-of-a-kind natural touch to your shower room. Then you turn the water on in your shower it will accent the unique beauty of each pebble and make your flooring look like a riverbed. It doesn’t get much more authentic than that! Earthy Oasis If pebble tiles aren’t your thing but you would still like to create an earthy oasis using tiles, don’t fret. Instead of pebbles, use colour to create your earthen oasis. When choosing your tiles opt for earthy brown, beige or clay coloured tiles for your shower room walls or floor. These subtle colours will weave together to create a relaxing, earthy atmosphere. Add Drama with Bright Colours Are you looking for a bit of drama instead? Then bright colours are the key to achieving your shower room goals. To make your shower enclosure really pop, tile one of your walls with a vibrant accent colour. If you have a corner shower enclosure, then consider tiling just the part of your wall which the glass enclosure will contain. This will draw the eye to the shower and add a boost of energy to the room. Make it Chic with Marble Marble is a classically chic material. Whenever you see it, it simply sparkles with class. A shower room with marble tiles will dazzle you and any visitors who come to your home. You can be sure that with shower room walls made of marble more than a few of your guests will take pics to inspire their own renovations!
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