How long does the shower room generally last?

Summary:Many netizens have consulted the life of the shower room onl...
Many netizens have consulted the life of the shower room online. How long does the shower room last? In addition to the shower room manufacturer's warranty period, how long can we use it, the following editor will explain to you:
The use time of the shower room depends on the quality of the shower room and the way consumers use it. Low-quality shower rooms are generally used for 1-2 years and there will be many after-sales problems, such as: water leakage, poor door opening, self-explosion of glass, etc. There is no quality assurance; good shower rooms, as long as consumers use them properly and maintain timely, they can generally be used for 10 years Above, even if there are occasional quality problems, there is a guarantee of quantity. The overall shelf life of a good shower room is generally 3-5 years, and some accessories are guaranteed for more than 10 years.

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