How much thickness of tempered glass for shower room is suitable?

Summary:Nowadays, the decoration technique of separating wet and dry...
Nowadays, the decoration technique of separating wet and dry has appeared in many people's homes. Now it is a good choice no matter in terms of layout, space appearance and usability. This is not a pure dry and wet separation. A glass sliding door is added to the toilet to form a partition. The transparent glass door not only provides a good partition effect, but also allows the bathroom space to be separated from wet and dry. Although obvious, the thickness of the tempered glass in the shower room is believed to be unclear to many people. Today, I will introduce to you the thickness of the tempered glass in the shower room? Is the thicker the better? There are many kinds of shower room tempered glass thickness, generally between 4mm-10mm, of which the thickness of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm is more common. Due to the functional requirements of the shower room, the installation of shower room glass requires the use of complete tempered glass, because the impact strength of tempered glass is 3-5 times greater than that of the same ordinary glass. The tempered glass of the shower room generally has a thickness of 6mm-8mm, and the tempered glass of about 4mm is enough to withstand the damage under normal conditions, not as thick as possible. This is because the weight of the glass is too thick to cause inconvenience, which requires a higher configuration of the hardware accessories of the shower room. Most of the popular tempered glass currently on the market is between 6mm-8mm thick. The shower room glass has semi-arc and straight lines, and the thickness of the shower room glass is related to the shape of the bathroom. For example, a linear shower room can choose 8mm or 10mm. Too thick is not suitable for modeling, and the stability is less than 6mm thick. The thickness of the curved glass shower room is 6mm, which is also conducive to the concave and convex shape.
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