How to choose shower room glass?

Summary:In southern weather, basically take a bath every day, and th...
In southern weather, basically take a bath every day, and the shower room is used more frequently at home. Occasionally we can see in the TV news or newspapers or on the Internet that there is a glass burst in the shower room, how can we ensure our safety during the shower? How to choose shower room glass? Most shower rooms are made of tempered glass and hardware fittings. The hardware fittings are best selected from 304 stainless steel, which has a strong bearing capacity and is not easily oxidized and deformed. The tempered glass is divided into ordinary tempered glass, laminated glass, and film glass, the safety performance of which is divided into high and low points, laminated glass> film glass> ordinary tempered glass. How to choose shower room glass? When we buy on the spot, the main skill is to distinguish the authenticity through 3 looks. 1. Look at the 3C logo: The 3C logo is directly imprinted on the glass during the manufacturing process. Generally, nails and knives cannot be scraped off. Second, see if it is transparent: see if there are bubbles and spots on the glass surface. 3. Look at the debris model of tempered glass. How to choose shower room glass? In addition, pay attention to the thickness of the glass when purchasing a shower room, the more common thickness is 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. Generally, the linear shower room can choose 8mm or 10mm, and the fixed glass surface can choose 8mm. The semi-curved glass surface usually chooses 6mm for the movable glass door, and its stability is better. The thicker the glass, the higher the cost and the higher the base requirements. How to choose shower room glass? There are two main reasons for most glass explosions. One is because the quality of the purchased shower room is not high enough, and impurities are added, which causes the internal stress of the glass to burst. Secondly, due to deformation of the roller skate or obstruction of the track by foreign objects, the glass breaks in place during pushing and pulling. Therefore, in addition to purchasing regular and qualified glass, its daily maintenance is very important. Regularly clean the dirt in the pulley track. Do not use strong acid and alkali powder to clean the hardware of the shower room, which is easy to corrode. Daily cleaning can be directly rinsed with a shower, or regularly wiped with glass water to maintain the glass gloss.
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