How to choose the glass of the glass shower room

Summary:Modern bathroom space, naturally, a shower room is indispens...
Modern bathroom space, naturally, a shower room is indispensable. It not only separates the bathroom space from dry and wet, but also allows us to enjoy the shower time quietly. When it comes to how to choose the glass of the glass shower room, you must not know very much. It doesn’t matter. Today we will on specific research studies.
Shower room glass thickness
As the main body of the shower room, the glass of the shower room can be said to directly affect the service life of the shower room. For the thickness of the shower room, the thickness Z of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm is the most common. However, many consumers will be more inclined to choose thicker glass thickness. In fact, is the thicker the glass in the shower room, the better? As for what thickness is appropriate?
According to its introduction, the shower room products on the market have different shapes, including semi-curved and linear ones. The thickness of the glass is related to the shape of the shower room. For example, the arc type has modeling requirements for glass, generally 6mm is appropriate, too thick is not suitable for modeling, and the stability is not as good as 6mm thick. Similarly, if you choose a straight-line shower room, you can choose 8mm specification or 10mm specification, but it should be reminded that with the increase of glass thickness, the overall weight will also increase accordingly, which will affect the quality of related hardware. high demands. But if you buy 8~10mm thick glass, we require the matching pulleys to be of better quality. In the choice of shower room, in order to ensure the safety of consumers, fully tempered glass must be strictly used. Compared with ordinary glass of the same thickness, tempered glass has 3 to 5 times higher impact strength.
The purchase of shower room glass
① Check whether the glass is transparent and whether there are defects such as stray spots and bubbles. The impurity of the glass material or the defects of the craftsmanship will cause the glass to have defects such as stray spots and bubbles, reducing the hardness and strength of the glass.
② Check whether there is 3c mark certification on the original glass. 3c certification is the abbreviation of China Compulsory Product Certification. Shower room products cannot be sold without this mark.
③ Looking at the sample of completely tempered glass fragments, according to the national standard, the safe amount of broken glass per 50*50mm area should reach more than 40 pieces.
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