How to remove limescale from the glass door of the shower room?

Summary:1. We can prepare a bottle of white wine, then dilute it wit...
1. We can prepare a bottle of white wine, then dilute it with water, soak it with a clean towel, and wipe the glass door with limescale. This cleaning method is very effective and is commonly used by many people. taste, then it is not suitable for this method.
2. You can also use toothpaste to wipe, you can directly squeeze the toothpaste on the dirt position of the bathroom glass door, and then wipe it back and forth with a dry rag. The toothpaste contains particles that can effectively remove the scale on the bathroom door.

3. You can also use a special bathroom cleaner, buy a special bathroom cleaner, then spray it on the bathroom glass door, and then use a glass brush. This method is also very effective, but the cost is a bit high to use.
4. We can use a piece of soap, and then wrap the dripping wet rag on the glass and wipe the bathroom door vigorously back and forth, which can effectively remove the scale on the glass door, and the effect is also very good, because the soap has strong removal. The effect of stains, but also sterilization, more importantly, its cost is also very low.

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