The material of the door

Summary:Before installing the door, you must first consider the situ...
Before installing the door, you must first consider the situation of your own home. Generally speaking, there are two situations in the bathroom. One is large space with dry and wet partitions, and the other is small space without wet and dry partitions. For the former, it is easier to buy a door, and how to look good, but the latter needs to be considered when choosing. Generally, the bathroom door materials on the market mainly include plastic steel, wood, aluminum alloy, titanium-magnesium alloy, and aluminum-magnesium alloy. Among them, wood and aluminum alloy are the most common. 1. Plastic steel door Advantages: strong waterproof, low price, tens to two hundred yuan, strong selectivity. Disadvantages: The visual effect of plastic steel doors is relatively low, and it is not beautiful. Many small restaurants use this kind of doors, which are easy to change color and deform. 2. Wooden doors Advantages: The biggest advantage of wooden doors is that they have the same texture as bedroom doors, which is the strongest from an aesthetic point of view. Disadvantages: Water resistance and deformation resistance are the worst. (Solid wood doors are relatively waterproof) 3. Aluminum alloy door Advantages: strong waterproof, strong resistance to deformation. Disadvantages: because of the different materials, the texture of aluminum alloy doors is not the same as that of bedroom doors, and the aesthetics is not very good. Especially for some homes where the decoration style is European or Chinese, it is not suitable to use too many wood grains and antiques. 4. Titanium-magnesium alloy door Advantages: low density, high strength, good corrosion resistance, suitable for use in various environments, and can be cleaned with any detergent. Disadvantages: Titanium alloy has poor process performance, difficult cutting process, poor wear resistance, complex production process, and it is very easy to absorb impurities such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon during hot processing. 5. Aluminum-magnesium alloy door Advantages: aluminum-magnesium alloy door aluminum plate is light in weight, low in density, good in heat dissipation, and strong in compression. Its hardness is several times that of a traditional plastic case, but its weight is only one third of the latter. Disadvantages: Magnesium-aluminum alloy is not very strong and wear-resistant, costly, more expensive, and more difficult to form than ABS (need to use stamping or die-casting process).

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