What kind of ceiling is good for the bathroom?

Summary:Generally, when decorating the bathroom, the bathroom needs ...
Generally, when decorating the bathroom, the bathroom needs special attention. Generally, the bathroom is separated from the sanitary compartment. The separate bathroom ceiling needs to pay attention to the choice of materials and styles. The ceiling of the bathroom can play a very good aesthetic effect. As for the choice of materials, the issue of waterproofing should be considered. This is very practical in the bathroom. With the development of technology, bathroom materials have become more diversified. You can consider which one to choose according to your life and habits. Then, what kind of ceiling is good for the bathroom? How about the bathroom ceiling?  What kind of ceiling is good for the bathroom 1. Use moisture-proof board for bathroom ceiling material Although the board has a certain degree of moisture-proof performance, and some manufacturers have veneers, the board has a lot of moisture-proof glue added to the board, and the formaldehyde content is seriously exceeded, so it is not an environmentally friendly building material product. 2. Blockboard is selected as the bathroom ceiling material It is more common in some low-priced or medium-to-high-priced wooden furniture. Because it is made of solid wood and divided into different wood species, the price is different. The compression resistance varies greatly due to different wood species and different production processes. If the surface paint is not well done, it will crack if exposed to the sun and moisture. 3. The bathroom ceiling material is made of MDF It is more common in some ordinary computer desks and furniture, home furniture, used for indoor exhibition stand decoration, waterproof and moisture-proof is not ideal. It is easy to swell and crack, and cannot be used in a humid environment with a lot of water in the bathroom. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors often use wood veneer MDF products to pretend to be solid wood to deceive consumers. 4. The bathroom ceiling material is made of oak board Oak has a unique wood grain, corrosion-resistant heartwood, high density, hard texture, and belongs to the hardwood category. Household items made of oak have the advantages of mahogany furniture that are dignified, steady and noble. But the price is much lower than mahogany. Due to the many advantages of oak, this material is widely used to make beer barrels, wine barrels, bathroom barrels, floors, outdoor wooden bridges, etc. 5. The material of the bathroom ceiling is particleboard It is more commonly used in some cheap computer desks and furniture and kitchen utensils. The cost is low. It is processed from woodworking waste and has a high water absorption rate. It can be distinguished from the opening and the interface, and the edge of the board. Manufacturers often apply anti-real paper, veneer, plastic leather, wrap the edges with other materials, and then paint them in various colors. Unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors often use such products as solid wood products based on their fake appearance and the buyer's ignorance of raw materials. shower rooms

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