Which heating method is good for bathroom heater

Summary:A good bathroom heater is a must-have "artifact" for all of ...
A good bathroom heater is a must-have "artifact" for all of us to take a bath in winter. The bathroom heater is a very important product in the bathroom, allowing us to have a more comfortable and warm environment. Our common heaters include bath heaters, radiators, and heaters. The waterproof function of bathroom appliances is the most important. When choosing a bathroom heater, you should choose according to your own actual situation. The following is a detailed introduction for you Let's take a look at the functions and advantages and disadvantages of various heating equipment.  Which bathroom heater is better? 1. Yuba Yuba has been in the market for many years, its development is relatively mature, and it is currently used by many families. Advantages of Yuba: Low energy consumption: Yuba generally consists of 4 infrared bulbs. The power of each bulb is generally between 250W and 600W, and the total power is between 1000W and 2400W, which means that it consumes 1 to 2.4 degrees per hour. The energy consumption is not high. Fast heating up: The working principle of Yuba is to increase the indoor temperature through the thermal radiation of the infrared bulb. The infrared bulb can quickly increase the temperature of the illuminated area in a short period of time. Disadvantages of Yuba: Uncomfortable: The Yuba is installed on the top of the wall, and the heat will not sink, which will easily cause the head to be very hot, and the body is still very cold. Unsafe: The surface temperature of the Yuba is very high when it is working. If it is accidentally touched, it is easy to burn. 2. Heater Advantages of heater: Easy to install: The heater hardly needs to be installed, just put it by yourself, and most of the heaters are both table and wall, which is very convenient. The price is cheap: the price of the heater is mostly between 200 yuan and 300 yuan, and the average family can afford it. Disadvantages of heater: Slow heating: The heating method of the heater is that the circulating flow of hot air drives the temperature of the room, so the heating speed is relatively slow. Noisy: There is noise when the heater is running, and some residents may not adapt to it. Three, radiator The bathroom radiator is commonly known as the bathroom, and it is a very popular heating device now. Advantages of radiator: Comfort: Compared with bath heaters and heaters, the biggest advantage of radiators is comfort. The wind is gentle and even, and it uses convection and radiation to dissipate heat. The heating will evenly fill the entire bathroom, which is very comfortable and allows you to enjoy the pleasure of bathing. Convenient and practical: The bathroom radiator can not only provide heating, but also hang and dry towels and clothes, which is convenient and practical. Beautiful and fashionable: Today's bathroom radiators have novel and fashionable shapes, which are visually enjoyable and add vitality to the bathroom. Disadvantages of radiator: Price issue: The price of a single bathroom is not expensive, but the radiator must be used with a wall-hung boiler, which is expensive. However, if radiators are installed in the entire house, the cost will be controlled, and not only for bathing, but also for returning home, you can enjoy a warm family life at any time. For the overall quotation of the radiator system, please refer to the radiator package page of this site. Installation is relatively troublesome: Since the radiator needs to be piped, and there are equipment such as wall-hung boilers to be installed, it is generally necessary to find a professional or company to install it.

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