Is it good for the master bedroom to have a separate bathroom? Come here to summarize for you

Summary:Nowadays, in many larger houses, the master bedroom has a se...
Nowadays, in many larger houses, the master bedroom has a separate bathroom. Some people like this design and think it’s good. Some people think that the bedroom and bathroom are not good together, so the master bedroom has a separate bathroom. Is it good? Let's take a look at their advantages and disadvantages. The benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. Everything has relativity. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of the master bedroom with a bathroom, and make your own choices. The master bedroom has the advantage of being independent 1. Convenient and not crowded. Generally, if there is only one bathroom at home, you may face some embarrassment, such as when someone is anxious to go to the bathroom at the same time, or when the adult is going to work in the morning and the child is going to school, it will inevitably involve a problem of priority and crowding. But if you have two bathrooms, you can avoid this problem and save time. 2. More privacy. Three generations of families or families often have people as guests. Sharing a bathroom must be somewhat inconvenient. For example, you are going to the bathroom, but thinking that someone outside is waiting to go to the bathroom. I feel uncomfortable, or if I take a bath in winter, I want to wash it for a while to warm it up, but I think that there are other people outside who also want to wash it, and I feel uncomfortable inside. But if you have two bathrooms, you will have more time. You can stay in the bathroom for a while. The master bedroom has the disadvantage of being independent 1. Unavoidable odor. The master bedroom is connected to the bathroom. If the ventilation and exhaust design in the bathroom is not done well, and there is no way to evacuate the odor completely and quickly, then the bedroom must be unavoidable. The second is the bathroom. If the drainage and waterproofing are not done well, it will also affect the bedroom environment. Especially in southern cities, it is prone to damp and moldy 2. The practicability is not so strong. Nowadays, young people usually live in an ordinary family of three. The elderly are very independent and generally do not want to live with their children, and find it inconvenient and unfree. If there are only three people, there is really no need to have two bathrooms, which wastes space and time to clean and keep it clean. 3. It cannot be renovated. After it is defined as a bathroom, there are water pipes for the upper and lower floors. If you want to use this area and change it into another space, it is difficult.
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