Is the shower room capped

Summary:In recent years, the shower room has been loved by many cust...
In recent years, the shower room has been loved by many customers because of its individuality and fashion, and the advantages of dry and wet separation. Now most new houses will choose to install a whole shower room. There are many types of shower rooms on the market, and most people will notice that basically all showers The room design is not capped, let's take a look at the reasons for this design.
Shower room is an indispensable product in the bathroom. Whether the dazzling shower room on the market can meet our needs, or is it just superficial and flashy. Many times consumers are covetous for a while, and as a result, they buy useless shower rooms and lose more. When choosing a shower room, in addition to the appearance, it is more important to use the effect.
1. When the shower room is used in winter, a large amount of water vapor will be formed. If the shower room is capped, then the water vapor will not be able to subside. The high water vapor concentration will lead to chest tightness, shortness of breath and poor breathing, which will affect human health. Not capping can make the water vapor gradually dissipate, preventing long shower time, dizziness and shortness of breath caused by high ambient temperature and humidity.
Second, the capping will not only affect the beauty of the overall shower room, but also cost more materials, which means that the project cost of the overall shower room will increase, or exceed the budget, disrupting the house decoration plan. If an exhaust fan is installed, it will affect the appearance.
3. Most of the glass of the shower room at this stage is tempered glass. Under normal circumstances, the height of the overall shower room is between 1.85 meters and 2 meters, which can meet the partition requirements and achieve the effect of dry and wet separation, so the ceiling treatment It doesn't have much effect.
In fact, the structural design of each model is all carefully crafted by the manufacturer. The various factors that customers are concerned about have been basically solved by the manufacturer. Therefore, choosing a high-quality shower room brand can ensure basic product quality problems. At the same time ensure the enjoyment of the shower.
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