Regarding the installation method of the shower room, this article introduces

Summary:The shower room is a separate shower cubicle, and most peopl...
The shower room is a separate shower cubicle, and most people want a separate shower space. However, due to the limited family space, bathing facilities and sanitary ware can only be placed in one room. The shower room makes full use of the corners of the room and clearly divides the shower area with screens, so that there is a relatively independent bathroom space. Let's talk about the installation method of the shower room.  Installation method 1 of shower room can be divided into independent bathing space. Most residential toilets and toilets in China are together. It is a wise choice to install shower room, which can create a relatively independent bathing space to facilitate daily life. Separate dry and wet, and the water in the shower room will not splash when using the shower outside, and then the entire bathroom floor will be wet. The installation method of the shower room 2. In winter, the shower room can also be used for heat preservation. The hot air gathers in a small space, and the heat will not be lost quickly, making people feel very warm. If the bathroom is large and there is no shower room, even if it is heated, it often feels cold. Save space, some family bathrooms are small and can't fit the bathtub, and use a font shower screen as a partition, which can save a lot of space. The installation method of the shower room 3, the installation of the shower room can achieve effective dry and wet separation, which not only reduces the cleaning workload after bathing, but also reduces the humidity in the bathroom and reduces the reproduction of bacteria. Most bathrooms do not have windows or small windows, and only have exhaust fans for air circulation through the door. In addition, there is no sunlight and humid environment, which is easy to breed bacteria. Especially when there are elderly and children at home, it is recommended to install a shower room to separate the shower space, which can also increase other bathroom facilities. Service life, such as bathroom cabinets, bathroom doors, etc.
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