Should the shower room choose a swing door or a sliding door? No more tangled after reading!

Summary:The shower room is used every day. In order to use it, shoul...
The shower room is used every day. In order to use it, should I choose a swing door or a sliding door? Next, I will share the advantages and disadvantages of the different door opening methods of the shower room, hoping to help everyone. The shower room can be divided into two types in terms of door opening: swing door and sliding door. The swing door is divided into an outer opening and an inner opening. The outer opening door occupies the external space of the shower room and is suitable for a large-area bathroom. When choosing to open outside, everyone should pay attention to determine whether the toilet or bathroom cabinet will be hit when opening the door to avoid damage to the glass due to collision; when choosing to open the door, the internal space of the shower room should not be too small, so that there is enough space after people enter the shower room Avoid the turning track of the movable door. The glass of this door-watching method cannot be too thin, and the thickness is mostly between 8 mm and 10 mm. Don't forget to open the door according to the family's usage habits. In general, it is fine. Advantages: The overall space feels strong and the permeability is good. The traditional open door style adapts to the traditional living habits and is easy to clean. Disadvantages: The bathroom with a small area is not suitable for the door opening method of this shower room, and it is easy to encounter the sanitary ware next to it when opening the door accidentally. Sliding doors are less space-consuming than flat doors, and are more suitable for families with smaller toilets, but sliding doors are used more frequently and the quality of the slide rail is critical. If the sliding is not smooth, the glass door may be damaged. In addition, it is easy to accumulate water, impurities, hair hair, etc. in the groove of the slide rail, which is more troublesome to clean than the flat sliding door. The sliding door shower room can be opened left and right without occupying the internal and external space, but the sense of transparency is not as good as the flat door shower room. Advantages: The door can be opened from left to right, does not occupy the space inside and outside the shower room, and is suitable for use in a small area toilet. Disadvantages: The permeability is worse than the shower room with a flat door, which is inconvenient for hygiene. Then the question arises, is it better to open the door or slide the door in the shower room? Judging from my experience on this issue, the choice of shower door or sliding door is related to personal preferences, usage habits, decoration style and toilet sanitary layout (such as toilets, bathroom cabinets, washing machines). Swing doors and sliding doors have their own advantages and applicable areas. Generally older customers like framed sliding door shower rooms, which may be strong, stable and safe because of aluminum and stainless steel; young people I prefer the frameless side-opening door, which has strong overall transparency, simplicity, fashion and generous space. From the perspective of the design of the door opening structure of the shower room and the safety and durability, the flat-open shower room is usually a frameless hinge hinge structure, and there are more exposed around the glass, which means that the probability of touching the edge of the glass is greater. The article about the glass wall of the shower room said that the weak point of tempered glass is that it can't touch the four corners, and it will break when it touches the glass door. The flat sliding door is driven by a pulley. The fixed glass is generally covered with alloy material. The entire frame is an alloy frame, which is relatively safe and practical. I have read some articles about choosing a swing door or a sliding door before, basically saying that the swing door is good, because the sliding door will make him accidentally trip. It would be utter nonsense to ask me, why is he not afraid that Shi Ji, who opened the door, would trip him up? The manufacturer who produced the shower room with the basin simply closed down. Now that the door opening method of the shower room is mentioned, by the way, if there are elderly people living in the house all the year round, remember to add a handrail to the back of the shower room door, so that the elderly can improve safety when taking a shower.
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