Shower room maintenance tips to easily extend the life of the shower room

Summary:The shower room is a place we come into contact with every d...
The shower room is a place we come into contact with every day. If it is Shower Cabins Manufacturers not cleaned properly, it will become a base camp for the breeding of bacteria and microorganisms, affecting human health. Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance of the shower room in daily life is also particularly important, so as to not only make the shower room "renew", but also extend the service life of the shower room. Shower room cleaning After using the shower room, the shower room can be cleaned regularly with fresh water. Regularly wash with glass water to maintain the smoothness of the glass. Use a neutral cloth to clean the dirt with a soft cloth. Stubborn stains can be removed with a small amount of alcohol. Avoid using acidic or alkaline solvents. If there is dirt on the glass in the shower room, it can be removed with a mixture of vinegar and a little salt. You can also use toothpaste to spray the glass or frosted glass of the shower room, then wipe it with a toothbrush, and then clean the frosted glass with warm water. For water stains in the glass room, you can go to the supermarket to buy a glass scraper suitable for the size of the glass door of your shower room. After the shower, use the glass scraper to scrape the glass in the shower room. It does not take much time and effort. For the yellow water stains on the shower room glass, you need to use glass cleaner to spray, and then scrub with a dry cloth to shine as new. The hardware accessories used in various parts of the shower room, you can not use cleaning agents, so as not to corrode the surface, the better way is to regularly wipe with a dry rag to keep clean. 01 Maintenance of tempered glass Do not hit or hit the glass surface with sharp objects; No need to wipe the glass with water corrosive liquid; Do not use rough cloth to wipe the glass, use a soft dry cloth; In the event of cracks or damage, notify the after-sale, replacement, and repair as soon as possible. 02Maintenance of profile body Do not use corrosive liquids or rough materials to wipe the surface (including toothpaste), use neutral detergent to dissolve the water and wipe the stains; Do not scratch the surface with sharp objects. 03Maintenance of hardware accessories Regularly clean the slide rails, pulleys, sliders, and add lubricant (lubricating oil, lubricating wax); Adjust the adjustment screws of the slider regularly to ensure the slider's effective bearing and good sliding of the movable door.
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