Types and advantages of stainless steel shower enclosures

Summary:First,Several advantages of stainless steel shower room The...
First,Several advantages of stainless steel shower room
The stainless steel shower room has the advantages of no rust, easy cleaning, easy maintenance, dry and wet separation, etc., so that bacteria have nowhere to hide, say goodbye to dirty air, and you can shower as you want in a healthy and environmentally friendly shower room, which is favored by many users.
The stainless steel shower room series products focus on design and product safety. The independent shower room separates the shower space from the entire bathroom space. When using the shower, there is no need to worry that water will splash into all corners of the bathroom, causing the entire bathroom to be full of water. , say goodbye to "water vapor full room" to achieve dry and wet separation; automotive-grade tempered glass, high safety factor; 304 stainless steel profiles, durable; seamless sealing and waterproofing, environmental protection and health; ultra-smooth, ultra-quiet; "Bath"; exquisite workmanship, fashionable and beautiful; non-standard customization, to create your own shower room Shower Enclosures Manufacturers.

Second, the type of stainless steel shower room
1. In-line shower room
It is suitable for installation in a long and narrow bathroom space. The shower area just occupies one wall or is in a corner. A large number of people will choose this style, because most of the bathrooms are now narrow and long, and because it is more affordable, there is no need to add The chassis, as long as the water retaining strip is added.
2. Square shower room
The square shower room is suitable for a relatively large bathroom space. It has sufficient internal space and does not affect the normal bathing. Compared with other styles of shower rooms, it is more convenient to clean.
3. Polygonal shower room
The polygonal shower room is more fashionable, the shape is changeable, the area can be adjusted, it can be large or small, and it is suitable for bathrooms in different spaces. Consumers who choose this style will be equipped with a chassis, which makes the overall feeling stronger. It is suitable for those who like it.
4. Arc shower room
There is also a curved shower room. This style is generally also added with a chassis, and the shape is more fashionable and changeable, without corners, which makes people feel very comfortable visually. However, this shower room is more expensive than the several shower rooms mentioned above, because the round shape The cost of curved tempered glass is relatively high. Its area can also be large or small, suitable for different bathroom spaces.
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