What are the advantages and disadvantages of the overall bathroom

Summary:The advantages of the integral bathroom bai, integrated du m...
The advantages of the integral bathroom bai, integrated du molding, the toilet does not need to be waterproof, to prevent leakage of the toilet, which is the cancer of the building; the lack of dao is limited by the modulus, and the design is required. Different from the traditional bathroom, the overall bathroom is a factory-formed one-time molding. The nano-coated surface makes the bathroom waterproof tray more wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and the curved corners are easy to clean and hygienic. The overall bathroom usage rate in Japanese houses has reached 80%. The bathroom presents the quality of life of the occupants, and the design of the bathroom is not a simple combination of a single tile and sanitary ware. If you need such products, you can contact Kaipunuo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., prefabricated construction parts. Waterproof panels, wall panels, and roof panels are prefabricated in the factory, and dry construction on site. The entire bathroom is built without relying on existing walls. Through reliable connection of structural parts, a stable and independent hexahedral waterproof structure is built to realize industrial production and installation. , Improve efficiency and consistent quality. The shortcomings of the integral bathroom are also obvious. First of all, the price is the flaw of the integral bathroom. Due to the high cost of material, design, workmanship, and logistics, many ordinary consumers are discouraged from the integral bathroom. Secondly, the small size of the bathroom area is small, and the installation of the integral bathroom is unavoidably narrow and depressed. The integral bathroom is relatively closed, and the water vapor is not easy to diffuse during bathing, and the air circulation is not good, which can easily make people dizzy. In addition, the decoration style of the overall bathroom requires that the color tone, product style, and proportional size of each supporting product must be coordinated.
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