What Is A Shower Enclosure? Informative Homeowner's Guide

Summary:The shower is the centerpiece of your bathroom. You can inst...

The shower is the centerpiece of your bathroom. You can install attachments and enclosures to ensure your shower area  is functional and aesthetic.

What is a shower enclosure? This article will explain how these glass doors can help improve your shower and the best types to install in your bathroom!

What Is A Shower Enclosure?

A shower enclosure is made of several glass panels put together to close off your shower area. This shower cubicle ensures water from the bath area doesn’t splash around your bathroom. 

Shower enclosures can also help contain steam, making the area feel warmer. These cubicles allow you to feel privacy while washing up and taking care of yourself. 

There are several shower enclosure models on the market; some include doors you can slide or swing open. You can also choose frameless or framed showers, which have metal bars around the glass panels.

Continue reading to learn more about the best shower enclosure types and how these models fit into your bathroom. We’ll also discuss the different shower door attachments you can choose for your enclosure.

What Are Popular Shower Enclosures On The Market?

Shower glass enclosures come in several shapes, the most popular being square, rectangle, semi-oval, and half-circles. These forms can affect the available space in your bathroom, so consider the layout before you purchase the enclosure. 

  • Square Enclosures: These cubicles have equal-length sides, so they help homeowners save space in their bathrooms. You can quickly fit this bath screen into a corner or wall. 

  • Rectangle Enclosures: Rectangular cubicles have longer sides than squares, so they use more space. These shower areas work best with irregularly shaped bathroom corners that don’t make a perfect square.

  • Half-Circle Enclosures: This bathroom enclosure has one straight bath screen and curved glass sides. Half-circle cubicles have a modern look that homeowners love, but they are expensive and take up much space in your bathroom.

Semi-Oval Enclosures: The quadrant shower cubicle mixes straight and curved glass panels to maximize space in your bathroom. You can install this shower against the wall or in a corner to save space.

What Are Common Shower Doors On These Enclosures? 

The shower door is as essential as the cubicle shape. These bathroom glass doors are functional in specific ways, so choose the one that matches your needs. 

  • Sliding Doors: Some sliding doors use two or three glass panels, and it works best for saving space in your bathroom. However, the panels may get stuck in their tracks over time, and cleaning the sheets is challenging.

  • Hinged Doors: These shower doors open like any entrance, providing a large entrance to your shower area. These doors use up space, and the hinges rust after time from continuous moisture. 

  • Framed Doors: These glass panels have a metal bar surrounding the glass. Framed doors are affordable, but the metal bars corrode with time.

Frameless Doors: These glass doors don’t install metal bars, so they look more elegant compared to their framed counterparts. You can clean frameless doors easily, but they are more expensive than other shower doors.

What To Consider When Installing A Shower Enclosure

Homeowners should recognize some factors that affect the shower cubicle fit in your bathroom. The space, walls, and shower type all determine the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom.

Bathroom Space

Some shower enclosure types take up significant space, so check how much available room you have. Circular enclosures take up much space, while square cubicles fit small areas.

Bathroom Walls

Shower enclosures use wall space in your bathroom. Think if you want to install the enclosure in a corner or as a separate closed area. 

Glass Type On The Enclosure

The glass on your shower enclosure can affect the type, fit, and price. Here are some common glass types for your wash area:

  • Tempered Glass: This material is long-lasting, durable, and easy to clean. However, it’s more expensive than other types.

  • Toughened Safety Glass: This is the standard glass type for shower areas. It’s durable, but it needs extra support to carry the weight. 

  • Thin Glass: This material measures between 4mm and 6mm and is the most affordable glass on the shower market. 

Remember to purchase a shower enclosure with an easy, clean coating to avoid grime and mold buildup. Edge protection is another useful feature that protects the shower glass from chipping and breakage. 

How Do You Choose A Reliable Manufacturer?

Several manufacturers develop shower enclosure models for the public, but how do you choose a reliable manufacturer? Make sure your potential supplier follows these procedures:

1. They get their materials straight from the factory

Companies using materials from their factory can better control their prices and quality. These manufacturers can also monitor their deliveries better with fewer middlemen in between.

2. They offer friendly customer service

High-quality suppliers must have excellent customer service. Choose manufacturers who offer 24/7 hotlines and maintenance services. 

3. They should have previous experience

More experience means the company has more expertise. Choose suppliers with several years of experience; a decade is your safest bet. 

4. They should offer OEM and ODM equipment

A quality supplier should have Original Equipment Manufacturing and Original Design Manufacturing, which helps companies create a standard for their production requirements.

OEM and ODM equipment means these manufacturers have the parameters to make high-quality products. Investing in a sturdy shower enclosure can save you from repair costs and work in the future. 

5. They offer samples

Samples can help you test the product firsthand and develop trust with the manufacturer. Ask the supplier if they are able to provide samples before you make a big purchase. 

These qualities can help develop trust between manufacturers, retailers, and customers. Always choose good-quality shower enclosures for your bathroom to have a beautiful, functional home.

Final Thoughts

Shower enclosures separate your bath area and help to protect your bathroom from splashing. These cubicles give you some privacy while you are showering and add to the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

These showers have several styles such as square, rectangle, half-circle, and semi-oval enclosures that beautify your bathroom. Some shower types use more space, so consider how much room is available before you install the enclosure. 

You should purchase the enclosure from a trustworthy manufacturer. Ensure these suppliers use high-quality materials, have quality customer service, and offer OEM and ODM equipment to give you a pleasant buying experience!

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