What Is A Steam Shower Room? All You Need To Know

Summary:You might see influential homeowners install steam showers i...
You might see influential homeowners install steam showers in their baths, but what is a steam shower room? Is it practical, and do you really need one to make the bath experience more pleasant?

What Is A Steam Shower Room?

Steam showers are closed-off standalone stalls that can produce steam. This gas makes a warm and humid environment in your glass stall that can help soften your skin and unclog your sinuses. 

Steam showers create a comfortable warm environment, so you can replicate a spa treatment in your shower cabin from home! If you add some essential oils you can enjoy a relaxing at-home aromatherapy session.

The Benefits Of A Steam Shower

Several homeowners want a steam shower. The sauna-like appearance adds a stylish aesthetic to your bathroom that guests will love. 

However, do you benefit from using steam showers? Yes! Occasional steam baths can benefit your skin, circulation, breathing, and mental health.

Here are some top reasons to use a steam shower pod:

1. Relief from congestion

The warm steam from your shower can relieve congestion by loosening mucus and phlegm. Aromatherapy with essential oils can also help reduce irritation in your nose and throat. 

2. Healthier skin

Steam showers can open your pores and allow better absorption for lotions and creams. These baths can smoothen your skin and help relieve symptoms of eczema and allergies. 

3. Improved blood circulation

Heat can enlarge your blood vessels and assist with better circulation. Improved circulation increases your heart rate and lowers blood pressure, providing significant health benefits. 

4. Relief from joint pain

Improved blood circulation can remedy joint stiffness and make you more mobile. You will feel less pain and be generally more relaxed when you use a steam cabin.

5. Stress Relief

Spending time in a steam shower can help you relax from a long day. Some steam shower cabins have chairs and rest areas to replicate a spa treatment from your home. 

Steam showers are an excellent addition to your home; it’s an investment to improve your overall physical and mental health. You can choose a bathtub shower combo for more steam room experience options.

How Are Steam Showers Different From Saunas?

We use steam and sauna treatments interchangeably when talking about spa treatments. Both these fixtures use heat for relaxation, so how do they differ? 

Steam rooms create heat from a generator outside your shower. You can dedicate a small area in your bathroom to install the shower pod and use it when desired. 

Saunas get heat from stoves inside the room. Saunas are usually made of wood, and you must construct a separate room to hold the sauna amenities. 

Saunas and steam rooms have several health benefits, so you can install one at home to pamper yourself. Steam rooms are smaller and more affordable, so most homeowners choose this option for their homes.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing A Steam Shower?

Now, you want to proceed to your closest hardware and purchase a steam shower. However, it would help if you considered some aspects before you get a steam bath shower cabin. 

Shower design and installation

Steam showers use complicated piping and electrical connections, so a professional plumber should do the work. If you want a corner shower pod or one that stands alone in the center of your bathroom, plan your budget around that tub. 

Shower cost

Steam bath cabins have various sizes, and larger ones are expensive. The generator, steam head, and controls are additional costs for homeowners. 

You must pay the person who helps you install the steam shower room, so include this labor cost when canvassing for steam showers.

Expected use

A mini-spa at home sounds tempting, but consider if this fixture fits your lifestyle. If you are constantly busy and don’t have time to enjoy a relaxing steam shower, save money on the materials and installation expenses. 

Shower maintenance

You should observe proper maintenance to ensure your shower doesn’t grow mold or become damaged. Steam showers need more upkeep than traditional ones, so consider this factor before you install this bath cabin. 

Health concerns

Steam showers can help alleviate congestion and joint pain, but you still need guidance from a doctor to treat these conditions. A steam shower feels nice, but it isn’t a cure-all for your medical conditions.

What Should You Consider When Installing A Steam Shower?

It would be best to ensure your bathroom has the right conditions to support a steam shower cabin. These fixtures need an enclosed water and vapor-tight space to ensure the steam doesn’t leak out. 

Don’t install venting, heating, or air-conditioning so it doesn’t affect the steam temperature. Install vapor seals on your bathroom lights to avoid short circuits. 

You need a high ceiling in your bathroom to support a steam shower, ideally seven to eight feet. Install your steam generator sixty feet from your bath area and ensure foot space for easy access.

How To Maintain A Steam Shower

Steam shower cabins are susceptible to mold, so you should regularly clean and ventilate the area. Dry the floor and walls after using the steam bath to prevent moisture buildup. 

You can use non-abrasive cleaning agents, or DIY vinegar and baking soda solutions to remove mold and stains. Use large tiles without grout for your steam room so mold can’t grow in the tiny crevices. 

Schedule regular maintenance appointments with plumbers and electricians to check your pipes and heating coils. Proper maintenance will keep your steam room in good condition for several years.

In Summary

Modern bathrooms balance functionality and aesthetics; steam showers look beautiful and can help you relax after stressful days.

What is a steam shower room? It’s a valuable bathroom fixture that helps with your mental and physical health. It’s a growing trend with new homeowners who indulge in self-care routines.

You can install this shower cabin to enjoy relaxing spa experiences at home. You and your guests will love this bath pod and spend time enjoying the steam.

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