What is the size of the shower room door?

Summary:Many novice decorators will always encounter various problem...
Many novice decorators will always encounter various problems during the renovation. The problem with the toilet is the shower room. So, what is the standard size of the shower room? What is the proper size of the shower room door? Next, let me talk about it for everyone. Standard size of shower room: 1. The width of the shower room: at least to ensure that the body can rotate freely during use, and will not always hit the glass. Generally, 900mm*900mm is suitable. If your family is fat, you can also make it 1000mm*1000mm, or the bathroom space is limited, it can be 850mm*850mm, but it should not be less than 800mm*800mm. 2. The height of the shower room: the ceiling height is usually 2400mm, so the height of the shower room is mostly 1800mm~2000mm, the standard height is set to 1.95 meters (1950 mm) and 1.9 meters (1900 mm), or according to the height of the family and the actual space. Adjustment, also need to pay attention to the position of the shower, too low is easy to splash water, too high is harmful to the appearance, affecting breathability. 3. Distance from heating equipment: For the convenience of bathing in winter, everyone will install a heater or bathroom heater in the bathroom. If it is a hanging device, do not put it in the shower room or the shower room glass to prevent moisture. If it is hung on the ceiling, it depends on the size of the bathroom. The heating equipment in a small space is just in the middle. It does not have to be in the shower area. If the space is large, you can put it in the middle of the shower area. Try not to face the shower or the glass of the shower room, otherwise it will not only achieve a good heating effect, but also easily cause the product to aging or explode. 2. Small size of square and round: Small size of square and circle: 850mm*850mm is a reasonable small size, and it should not be less than 800mm*800mm in the limit case, otherwise it will affect the shower experience. 3. Standard size of rectangular shower room: The rectangular shower room is suitable for a bathroom with a large area, enjoy a free bathing life, and it is easy to take care of and clear the dead corner of the bathroom. Most shower room brands can be made non-standard, usually the standard rectangular size is 1200*800*1850, 1000*800*1850, 1200*800*1950, 1000*800*1880, and the standard square shower room size is 800* Three specifications: 1000, 900*1000, 1000*1000; these size showers can be stretched freely. If consumers want to make a wider size, longer, wider, or higher, they can generally be customized. The standard height is set to 1.95 meters (1950 mm) and 1.9 meters (1900 mm). Afterwards, it should be noted that the ball bearing of the shower room should be flexible, making the door opening and closing convenient and light. Stainless steel screws should be used for the frame combination, and there should be seals at the joints between glass and glass, and glass and wall, otherwise it will be difficult to block the water. The sealing strip of a high-quality shower room should not have a breakpoint at the hinge, and the sealing strip between the glass doors must be magnetic for better water blocking performance.
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