Whether the shower room is frosted glass or transparent glass is better

Summary:First of all, we will introduce the lower frosted glass. The...
First of all, we will introduce the lower frosted glass. The surface of frosted glass is rough. Although it is transparent, it does not have perspective, which produces hazy beauty. The appearance is simple, it looks very high-grade, and it is not so dazzling, which is conducive to protecting the eyes. Moreover, the colored glass will produce better decoration effect and artistic effect after frosting. The performance of non perspective brings a better sense of security.
Frosted glass is divided into single-sided frosting and double-sided frosting. Process: single-sided frosting paste specific paper on one side in advance, place it on the machine for processing, and then tear the paper off after completion. Double side frosting directly processes the glass on the machine, so the price of single side frosting glass is higher than that of double side frosting glass.

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For transparent glass, it is directly processed, so its cost is lower than that of frosted glass. The transparent glass has a good texture. If the bathroom is not large, it will not make people feel crowded. However, for careless people, they may bump their heads accidentally, and Chinese people are more reserved, so they have no sense of security when using it.
As for the installation of shower partition, frosted glass or transparent glass is better? It depends on your personal preference. If you have a high price requirement, you can choose transparent glass partition; If you have high requirements for the comfort of the bathroom, you can choose double-layer frosted glass, which is not only affordable, but also high-grade.
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