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We are a sanitary ware manufacturer.

Kaipunuo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., a professional

Bath Shower Cabin Manufacturers and Shower Cubicle Factory

,manufacturer of shower products, established in 1997 in Pinghu, Zhejiang province, China, which integrates design, produce, sales and customer service vertically for our customers in more than 20 countries all over the world...
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    We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce products...

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    We have our own testing lab and the most advanced and complete...

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    We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets.O...

We are a sanitary ware manufacturer.Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized solutions.

Kaipunuo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

The markets, the applications, the customers are different but we have one unique philosophy to guide the latter to success.For any problems or feedback from the customers,we will reply patiently and meticulously in time.For any inquiries from the customers,we will reply with the most professional and most reasonable price in time.

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Shower Room Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom With Costs!


Shower Room Ideas to Transform...

Are you considering upgrading the shower room in your home? Then, you are in the right place. From shower enclosures to flooring and tiling, we have you covered with these top shower room ideas! Plus,...

Ideal for 3 bathroom accessories


Ideal for 3 bathroom accessori...

The perfect bathroom is incomplete, without extra decoration, making it a spacious space. When on the drawing board, don’t miss to make room so that you and your partner can enjoy the good time in the...

Romance your new bathroom


Romance your new bathroom

Starting a new life calls for upgrading your home as well. Don’t compromise on passion and extend your wooing to the washroom too! Three tips to truly enhance the experience without conceding on your ...

Are you still confused about bathroom decoration?


Are you still confused about b...

The bathroom is an important space in our lives, and it is also an area with a very high frequency of use, so it takes a little more thought in the decoration. A perfect bathroom is not only clean and...

Good idea about the bathroom


Good idea about the bathroom

The options are often confusing. Choosing bathroom accessories and sanitary ware can be a heavy task while trying to determine the most suitable method in your available space. Pedestal v/s counter si...

The benefits of shower room to your life


The benefits of shower room to...

SPACE-SAVING SHOWER ENCLOSURES When choosing a shower enclosure for a small room, space-saving options are available. Quadrant shower enclosures are ideal for small bathrooms and shower rooms. They fe...

Big ideas for small shower rooms


Big ideas for small shower roo...

OPEN UP THE SPACE Regardless of size, you can transform every shower room into a stunning space. All with careful planning and attention to detail. With clever design and stylish furniture, you can en...

Regarding the installation method of the shower room, this article introduces


Regarding the installation met...

The shower room is a separate shower cubicle, and most people want a separate shower space. However, due to the limited family space, bathing facilities and sanitary ware can only be placed in one roo...

Advantages and disadvantages of inset shower trays


Advantages and disadvantages o...

Ceramic or fibreglass shower trays, in white or in various colours, are convenient and useful bathroom fixtures. They allow users better use of space and offer easy access even in small bathrooms. The...


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