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Kaipunuo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of shower products, OEM Shower Enclosures Manufacturers and wholesale Tempered Glass Shower Enclosures Factory, established in 1997 in Pinghu, Zhejiang province, China, which integrates design, produce, sales and customer service vertically for our customers in more than 20 countries all over the world. We are the first manufactory use no-screw set up technology in sanitary ware industry and awarded dozens of international patents and certifications in the past years. We supply Tempered Glass Shower Enclosures wholesale. We advocate the concept of environment protection and resources-saving to create more perfect and comfortable fascinating life for modern people. With the faith of “Ever No.1”, Kaipunuo keeps providing the best bathroom solutions to our customers and sincerely wishes to cooperate with friends all over the world to build a prosperous future together!

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We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.


We have our own testing lab and the most advanced and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the products.


Our annual production capacity is over 30000 sets, we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.


We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets.Our products are in line with international standards,and are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world .



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Industry knowledge

What Is a Shower Enclosure?

Shower enclosures are replacing shower curtains as they become more popular. As a result, it appears that bathrooms are transitioning to glass panels as partitions. If you are here to catch up on the trend, then read on to learn more.

A shower enclosure is a small room that separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. When you shower, it holds the water in one place, keeping the bathroom dry. The enclosure is usually composed of glass.

A shower enclosure can come in various designs, door styles, and materials. This information may be new to you, so that I will tackle them soon enough.


What You Need to Know About Shower Enclosures

The first showers functioned without any covers. That’s where shower curtains came to provide privacy and prevent water from splashing everywhere. But it’s also time for bathers to learn that a shower curtain can’t keep water out.

A shower enclosure is likely to be included in most modern bathroom remodels. Shower enclosures are made of glass panels that enclose the shower space. It allows you to separate the wet and dry areas. It typically comes with doors, although some do not.

Molds would not grow anywhere, unlike restrooms without partitions, where all corners constantly damp from showering are prone to grime and other dirt. Keeping your bathroom dry is critical for maintaining a clean atmosphere and avoiding sliding accidents.

You may also keep your bathroom accessories and fixtures dry. Along with this is the prevention of hard water stains that may develop over time. Who got time to wipe their bathrooms every day, anyway?


Parts of a Shower Enclosure

In contrast to the bathtub, where you receive the fixture in one piece, you will assemble different components while installing a shower enclosure.

Aside from the shower and pipes, the frame, fixed panel, glass doors, drain, handles, and shower tray are the essential components of a shower enclosure.

● Frame - The enclosure’s backbone that holds the glass and doors in place.

● Fixed Panel - This is the set panel beside the door, although it can also be acrylic.

● Glass Door - Can come in different installations such as sliding, folding, hinged, and pivoted.

● Shower Tray - The waterproof base that collects the water. It is optional, but it is best to have one if you don’t want the water leaking from the bottom of the enclosure. It is also slanted to direct water flow.

● Drain - The point at which wastewater enters and connects to the sewage system.

● Handles - You can get one in stainless steel or aluminum alloy, with various handles and knobs.

Shower trays, as previously said, are optional, so you can use the tiles you currently have as your shower base. If you don’t want to go to the spending or are more comfortable with tiles, skipping one is fine.

Aside from the shower enclosure panels, you can modify the shower walls to the material of your choice. Matching the tile base and the wall is common, but if you want something more, you can go with granite, stone tiles, slate, or PVC panels.


Shower Enclosure Size

Size is an important factor considering that there are bathrooms limited in space. Many sizes are available for shower enclosures, but there are also standard sizes that you can find.  

The dimensions of a comfortable shower enclosure are 36” x 36”. Shower trays are prefabricated; the smallest size available is 30” x 30”, but there is also a 32” x 32” size. A standard rectangular enclosure is available in a 36” x 42” size.

While we’re on the subject of sizes, I’ll also go over shower door dimensions. A shower door’s standard measurements would be between 22 and 36 inches wide. Going for a larger size would require more panels, but it is advisable to stay to the standard if possible.


Types of Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures, like bathtubs, come in a variety of styles. Many types provide options that work best in your bathroom and personal wet space. There are about five different types of enclosures.

You can find them in rectangle, square, D-shape, half-circle, and diamond styles. Their names alone can describe their appearance. Aside from the diamond variant, which is only suitable for corners, they can be placed on one side of the wall or in a corner.

Selecting the most appropriate type of enclosure can help you save space while creating the desired bathroom style.

The shower doors can also be sliding, hinged, folding, or pivoting. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, the list below will help:

1. Sliding - Because swinging doors take up a lot of space, sliding doors are an excellent alternative for small bathrooms. They can be challenging to install because the glass doors must slide on tracks, bars, and rollers.

2. Hinged - These doors pretty much look like standard hinged doors. They can be paired in various shower enclosure shapes and installed directly on the shower wall.

3. Folding - When opened, this type of door, also known as a bi-fold, folds into a V. It can be an alternative if you want a swinging door but not a sliding one. However, you must add a frame to it to function.  

4. Pivot - A pivot door, unlike hinged doors, can be opened either inward or outward. It is the exact mechanism used for revolving doors, so if you prefer one, you can install a center pivot.

Additionally, you could have double doors if your bathroom is large in space. They can look elegant when placed strategically. A walk-in variant is also available if you want to go doorless; you will only need a panel for your enclosure.

Removing the frames may help in achieving a sleeker appearance. Framed and frameless enclosures are available, although not all can be frameless, mainly for a folding door, as I previously stated.

Going frameless can also be more expensive because thicker glass is required to compensate for the lack of a frame. If you’re considering having one, you should think about this as well.

Aluminum and stainless steel are the standard frames to be used. These are the best materials since they are frequently exposed to air, water, and moisture, which could lead to corrosion.

Even though they are minor details, frames are a part of the bathroom. Its finish can enhance the overall appearance. You can choose between chrome and black or white painted finis


Shower curtains have already gone out of style. It is time to upgrade to shower enclosures, which are more convenient, functional, and sanitary.

A lovely shower could never be better when you don’t have to worry about having a wet bathroom! 

Are shower cabins any good?

Shower Cabin: Buyer's Guide

The shower cabin is also an ideal choice if you're searching for the proper shower solution for your bathroom. This guide shows the categories of shower cabins we provide, the bathrooms they're suitable for, and the features they contain.

Want to brighten up the shower game? The room with the choice of body jet, hydrotherapy, and steam settings in one space is the perfect luxury option for bathrooms of all sizes.

What is a shower cabin?

The shower cabin may be a complete shower room with a splashback and tray, so all interiors are sealed and watertight. That is, you do not should display the walls behind you side by side. The shower cabin contains not only the shower system itself but also other built-in features like body jets, which makes it a convenient all-in-one solution and provides the  ultimate shower experience.

They are usually made from acrylic for a durable and modern finish, with glass doors and a powder-coated or anodized frame.

Shower Cabins Buyers Guide

Shower Cabin provides a complete shower solution consisting of a shower enclosure, a shower tray(or bathtub), and therefore the shower system itself in a single purchase. The shower cabin is waterproof and leakproof by providing the enclosure as an entire product. It also means you do not have to tile walls or floors as you'll install it almost anywhere as long as you can connect it to the water and installation. There are shower cubicles, from standard cubicles to luxurious double cubicles with body sprays. The best shower cabins provide the final word shower experience. The shower cabin is sometimes named because the "integrated" or "one-piece" type indicates that every shower needs and extra features are integrated into one unit.


The main material of the shower room is toughened glass and aluminum. Often there are many metal details in additional, prominent areas like the door handles and, therefore, the room itself. These metal parts usually have a chrome or matte finish with a glossy or subtle look, looking on your taste. The glass part is generally fabricated from thick glass, which is highly shatterproof and protects the cabin and most vital users. This glass is sometimes 4mm to 10mm thick; therefore, the thickest glass is reserved for the foremost expensive taxes.


The shower cabin occupies less space in the smaller room than a typical shower enclosure. Large units like an opulent double room occupy a way more extensive area of your floor. Thanks to this range of various sizes, shower enclosures aren't only suitable for larger rooms but even have more choices with more significant floor areas.

Please note that the cabin dimensions shown are external dimensions. These tell you ways many floors and wall space they occupy, but not necessarily what quantity of space you wish to govern internally. Please consider that the space within the cabin is slightly smaller than the size listed. Most shower rooms require a ceiling height of a minimum of 2 meters, so measure this added to the ground area you have to figure on.

Also, leave enough space ahead of the cabin so that you'll get on and off without much difficulty. Quarter cabins are generally small and ideal for bathrooms with little space, but rectangular cabins are more luxurious than usual and might include two showers for a shared cabin. Most shower rooms have sliding doors that will not burgle the remainder of the lavatory when opened. Some large cabins have benches to assist you in relaxing and resting in the shower.


The integrated shower cabin is obtainable in different sizes because of the individual shower trays and partitions. The form usually refers to the looks of the bottom when viewed from above, like a square or rectangle. The bottom of the quadrant booth seems like a right-angled quadrant or ellipse so that it may be placed in one corner and another curved side. The quadrant fits snugly within the corner and maximizes space by minimizing the number of penetration into the rest of the bathroom. This makes it a preferred small property.

The offset quadrant is analogous to the standard quadrant, but one line is longer than the alternative, which supplies you more room and is correct for tiny bathrooms. As the name implies, Square pods have a square footprint, while rectangular pods are longer and supply more room. Very rarely, the D-shaped cubicle may be a stylishly curved unit with straight sides on the rear that may be leaned against a wall and is the centerpiece of an oversized bathroom.

Extra Features

Thanks to the cabin, which incorporates all the shower systems you bought, high-end stalls can even include some additional features. This includes the combination of multiple shower heads—rain-style overhead showers, standard wall-mounted heads, and extra handheld shower heads for added easy use. A further body jet ensures a soothing massage-like cleansing during the shower, from a pair of jets to a dozen jets that spray high-pressure water from all directions for powerful cleansing. You'll also include a water-resistant radio or Bluetooth speaker so you'll hear music safely while taking a shower. Some high-end relaxing cabins offer adequate lighting and aromatherapy, turning your shower time into a sensual experience. Suppose you've got multiple body sprays in your shower and are using them all the time. In that case, it'll increase your predicament consumption and can facilitate securing an outsized predicament tank that ideally features a minimum of 300 liters capacity.

It's okay if you do not have a memory to depend on flow-through heating. A cabin with lots of body jets can overwhelm your impact performance and system. Specific body jets will be controlled from the electronic panel, and if you decide on a cabin with them, you will need to attach them to an influence source, similar to a radio or light. Like other showers, if the water pressure is low, a booster pump should be installed to produce the unit with water fast enough.

Shower Cabin or Shower Enclosure?

If you're considering changing your existing shower to something with slightly more style and gadgetry, you have likely already considered an self-contained shower cabin. If you haven't, you'd wish to read on.

Its popularity has increased over the last seven years and is undoubtedly an advance in design, reliability, and functionality.

Defining what a shower cabin generally means, it's completely self-contained, free-standing with either glass or backwalls and a roof and a bottom tray.

One of the attractions of shower cabins compared to regular ones (aside from the excellent features we'll get to soon) is that they don't require any tile laying and save you quite a bit of money, especially in terms of labor costs involved or time involved.

The installation of most shower rooms, including construction, connection and commissioning, is also achieved halfway through the day and is ready for use below; They also contain little or no silicon, another advantage over traditional tiles, since mold often forms on tile walls in shower environments.

Shower cabins can be available in many sizes, from corner quadrants in 800mm, 900mm, and 1000mm sizes, to elongated and rectangle shower cabins, so if you have a bathroom the size of a ballroom or as cozy as a shoebox, there will be something for everyone.


Some features of a shower cabin:

● Overhead shower

● Multi-functional hand shower

● Hydro massage jet

● Foot Spa

● FM radio

● Mood lighting

● Digital electrical device

● Circulation fan

Final Thoughts

With the option of body steam settings, jets, and hydrotherapy all in one enclosed space, a shower cabin is a great luxury option for big and small bathrooms 

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