5 Tips To Match A Prefab Bathroom's Toilet And Shower Blocks

Summary:You won't always notice the toilet and shower blocks when yo...

You won't always notice the toilet and shower blocks when you enter a big establishment's restroom. It's a big room, so the typical thought is they're supposed to be there.

When you think of toilet and shower blocks in a prefab bathroom — now that's where eyebrows start to curve.

You might think these fixtures are not ideal for such small spaces. Well, this is where you'll see the creative stride of modern architecture! If you're looking to add toilet and shower blocks to your modular bathroom, continue reading below.

How to Match Toilet and Shower Blocks in a Prefab Bathroom

To successfully match toilet and shower blocks in a prefab bathroom, it's ideal to:

  • Measure the space

  • Choose an ideal material

  • Consider the style or design

  • Add some extra accessories

  • Strategically place electrical points

Toilet and shower blocks are great additions to any bathroom. They provide privacy and extra comfort, especially for a big family. However, this may be a challenge with a smaller bathroom unit. It's vital to choose the right manufacturer or service to ensure the installation of proper fixings.

Keep on reading for a deeper look at these tips.

#1 Start with measuring the space

The key to any major repair or renovation in your home is to first conduct measurements. This is non-negotiable since you might compromise the process later on. You can measure the space yourself, or you can hire experts to do so.

Measuring the space without fixtures would be easier since you can move more freely. But since you're working on a prefab bathroom, the plumbing is likely already set in. Ensure to measure those fixings as well since they will be part of the process.

Most people hire experts for this job. If you prefer to do it alone, you can use an online bathroom planner. These tools are created to provide insight into what you're trying to accomplish.

Once you're set on the tools you'll need, it's time to make the measurements. Bathrooms and toilets have different space requirements. Therefore, it's ideal to measure them separately.

Shower layout

Adding shower blocks is different compared to the toilet. Firstly, you'll most likely spend your time in this room in a standing position. Adding a shower block with high walls is ideal to ensure privacy as much as possible.

Also, these spaces get wet almost 100% of the time. You need to take note of the materials you'll use as you plan your layout.

Toilet layout

Now, the toilet is not that different in terms of privacy. You'll need high walls to provide more ease and privacy for each bathroom pod user.

You also won't need to make this space too wide compared to shower areas. People do not move much in toilet spaces, so you only need to keep this area as efficient as possible.

#2 Choose your preferred material

It's not enough to finalize measurements for your toilet and shower blocks. If you choose the wrong materials, all your initial efforts will be pointless.

First, cost-effectiveness is a key factor in choosing the right materials. Since privacy is crucial, it's best to choose partitions that aren't too thin. It's also impractical to use thick materials because of higher prices, so you must find the sweet spot.

Second, there's the talk of maintenance. Some materials are easier to maintain than others. If you choose the wrong partition for your toilet and shower blocks, you'll most likely regret it in the long run.

Lastly, you'll want to choose partition materials that are durable enough. Just imagine your shower blocks breaking down while you're having a quick clean-up. That'll be a heck of a scenario, right?

You'll want toilet and shower blocks that will last for a long time. If that means adding in a few extra bucks to get the best choice, then it's wiser to set a specific budget.

Here's a quick list of reliable materials you can look into:

  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene)

  • Compact laminate

  • Solid-color reinforced composite

  • High-pressure laminate

  • Stainless steel

  • Powder-coated metal

#3 Never leave designs out of the mix

No one wants a bland bathroom. If you want to match your toilet and shower blocks perfectly, you can explore various color and design options.

For starters, you can always go for the single-colored look. Although it may seem old school, this design never fails the straightforward vibe of toilet and shower partitions.

You can also provide a bit of contrast with different colorways. For plain partitions, try an outline created with dark steel moldings. You can also try different color palettes for the toilet and shower blocks to promote diversity. Feel free to explore since you’re the one who will get the most out of the results!

#4 Consider additional accessories and fixtures

Extra accessories and fixtures can make or break your prefab bathroom's design. However, the good thing about this is it's not entirely difficult to combine these elements. By looking into various colors, sizes, and shapes, you can add a few accessories to complete the look.

For instance, you can use black door handles for wood shower block designs. Small details like these add a bit of elegance to your bathroom pod.

#5 Strategically place electrical points

Bathrooms are considered one of the most hazardous places in the house. Prefabricated bathrooms are not exempt from this fact.

To avoid complications in your modular bathroom, it's best to strategically place electrical points away from water sources. Find an elevated spot, if it's necessary, inside the shower cubicle and keep them away from your sinks.

If the toilet and shower blocks interfere with cable flow, shape them accordingly before installation.

In Summary

It's not always easy to design an all-in-one bathroom unit. Add toilet and shower blocks to that equation, and you'll find yourself between a rock and a hard place.

Thankfully, these ideas are not entirely impossible. With the right strategies, a surge of creativity, and the best materials, you can successfully match toilet and shower blocks in a prefab bathroom!

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