50 Small Bathroom Ideas That Increase Space Part 3

Summary:14. Tile Vertically Adding vertical tiles to the entire surf...
14. Tile Vertically Adding vertical tiles to the entire surface gives the illusion of greater space. Especially by incorporating mosaic tiles, as they help create visual interest. 15. Iridescent Backsplash Enlarge the space in the room with the use of an iridescent backsplash, the changing of the colours will create visual interest and create the illusion of a larger area. 16. Earthy Colours Nature-inspired colours give off a calming and organic feel, perfect for your bathroom. We’d advise opting for light grey, pale green or beige, to ensure the colour doesn’t consume the room which could make the space smaller in appearance. 17. Striped Wallpaper Thick-striped wallpapers will give the illusion of a much taller room, but beware that thin stripes and busy patterns will actually make the room appear smaller. Alternatively, dual colours and textures will also produce the same effect as striped wallpaper. The difference in the shades will fool the eye and also break up the space. We’d advise sticking to lighter colours if your bathroom is on the smaller size, as dark colours can consume a room and make it look smaller than it actually is. 18. Matching Bathroom Tiles Ever tried tiling the side of your bath to match the tiles on the walls? You'd be surprised how much this plays with our boundaries of perception, plus when using the right tiles can make the space look incredibly stylish too! 19. Mirrored Tiles Mirrors help to enhance the space around us in any room, and mirrored tiles take this a step further. Even just using these types of tiles on one wall in the room will increase space perception. Alternatively, why not make an on-trend statement and invest in a mirrored bath? By incorporating one of these into your bathroom, you can replicate the look of a spa or hotel interior, and light can reflect from the bath, again helping with the illusion of a larger room. 20. Make a Water Resistant Statement Wallpaper that makes a statement and catches our attention also enhances our space perception, plus it can help transform a bathroom completely. Find a style which works for you and your décor; we’d advise pairing a statement wall with a block colour, which again will help with the perception of space.
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