50 Small Bathroom Ideas That Increase Space Part 5

Summary:28. Wall Lights Simple yet effective, wall lights enable us ...
28. Wall Lights Simple yet effective, wall lights enable us to make the entire space feel bright; they’re also a great space-saving tool. We’d advise placing wall lights either side of the mirror to ensure the light is evenly cascaded for tasks which require even lighting, such as applying makeup. 29. Sconces Lighting makes a huge difference to any bathroom but particularly those lacking in space. Consider wall sconces, perfect for those looking to portray a vintage or antique style feel, industrial lights are perfect for this. 30. Ceiling Lights Ceiling lights, such as pendants and flush mounts, can make a huge difference in illuminating features and more importantly, the space in the room. There is no need to sacrifice style for safety; there are many waterproof lights on the market, including our range here at Industville. These types of lights can also come with a dimming switch if you're looking to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, perfect for creating a relaxing space for a soak in the bath! 31. Natural Light When space is cramped, natural light is too important to block out, make the most of the natural light the room receives. However, it is also important to ensure there are sufficient lighting fixtures, to ensure the correct amount of light is placed to sufficiently light the room in the evenings and during the darker months. 32. Brass Brass is a texture that makes an entire space feel much larger due to the warmer tones. Everything from fixtures to features and accessories will make a huge difference to a small bathroom, while also adding a touch of luxury to the space! Why not keep it consistent through the room? Incorporate brass through your lighting choices, taps and shower, for an on-trend and elegant look. 33. Large Mirrors In tight spaces having a large mirror stretch across the wall instead of just the width of your sink can enable more people to use it at once. Plus, a larger reflection will influence an increased sense of space perception. 34. Tall & Oval Searches and sales for oval-shaped mirrors have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Not only do they look great, but they help add shape and texture to the room. These types of mirrors usually stretch upwards, which means they make the ceiling feel taller and therefore, the overall space. 35. Sliding Entrance Rather than going with a traditional door on a hinge, why not opt for a door that slides side to side? Simple to install yourself and will stay parallel on the wall, will allow you to make more of your space.
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