How to install a shower cabin

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How to install a shower cabin

The Do It Yourself method and the process

Here's an article on how to set up your shower cabin. Most homeowners can do this job on their own with the right materials, tools, and methods.


Today, the market offers a wide selection of showers. For example, there is a cabin that is pre-assembled and delivered. It's easy to install, but it's not popular because of its large size (it doesn't fit in a regular doorway opening). Cabs that need to be assembled are becoming more and more common, so it is advisable to pay close attention to such models. In our article, we will show you how to install them.

To install a shower, you need the following:


        kit shower room (or separate tray and frame with the wall);

        Flexible siphon;


        Silicone sealant.


        Adjustable wrench.

        Silicone sealant gun;


        levelling instrument

        Tape measure, pencil;

        Protective gloves and goggles.


        Please read the manufacturer's instructions before starting work.

        Make sure the floor on which the shower is installed is perfectly flat.

        Separate the joints of the drain elements.

        Seal the joint between the frame and the pallet.

Installing a shower tray

Installing a shower tray is not a difficult task, especially if you have some important aspects in mind.

  1. Before installing the shower tray, first, make sure the floor is level. By adjusting the height of the legs, you can eliminate slight deviations.
  2. Second, the drainage pipe should be placed in the proper place on the floor, as the opening of the shower room should not be far from it. If for some reason you fail to achieve compliance, you can complete the project with additional adapters and long flexible hoses, but this will take more time and effort.
  3. Third, all elements must be properly connected and sealed. Otherwise, water may leak while operating the shower room.


You need to start by getting the tools and materials you need to complete this project. To apply it, you will need an adjustable wrench, spirit level, silicone sealant, and gun. We recommend using only high-quality materials. Otherwise, small repairs will be required every few weeks.


As a rule, they try to make a pallet drain hole just above the hole in the floor leading to the sewer. In our case, the bathroom was already tiled and we didn't want to open the floor and put the already made drainage pipe in the right place. However, you cab buy a flexible hose and an elbow because you can find a loophole even in difficult situations. [俞1] Use these elements to connect the drain from the shower to the sewer. This may take a little longer, but in the end, no one will notice any difference.


Use an alcohol gauge to make sure the floor is level. This is best done before the floor is tiled.


If the floor on which the shower is installed is found to be sloping, it is advisable to pour a layer of mass coating to flatten it. In the meantime, read the shower manufacturer's instructions carefully and get a good understanding of how to install it.


The next step in the project is to connect the flexible hose to the elbow and seal the joints with silicone. Sealing is not required if the flexible hose fits securely into the elbow. Dry the silicone before connecting the hose to the shower tray.


Next, check the shower tray. The installation method is the same for all types of shower trays.[俞2]  The base has several adjustable legs that allow alignment during installation.


Pay attention to the drain. As a rule, they try to place it on the floor above the drain. That's not the case in our case, so we needed a fairly long flexible hose to connect it.


Attach the siphon body to the drain of the pot, then attach the flexible hose to the siphon. Insert the other end (elbow) of the hose into the drain hole on the floor. Try pushing the tube deep enough.


The pallet should be siphoned to the sewer. Some siphon models consist of a flexible hose from which a bend of the desired shape must be formed and secured using the special device included in the kit.


It is important not to skip this step. If you skip it, the sewer will always smell unpleasant.


As already mentioned, the shower tray is equipped with adjustable legs. To be level, you need to change the height of the legs with a wrench.


Tip: Rotating clockwise will slightly reduce the shower tray and rotating counterclockwise will increase it.


Check the shower tray to match the spirit level at all ends. If necessary, adjust the leg height with a suitable wrench. After adjusting the height of the tray and mounting it on the wall, seal the joint between the shower tray and the wall with silicone sealant.

Installation of doors and walls of a shower cabin

You have installed a shower tray, now it's the turn of the walls and doors.


Installing the shower screen can be a daunting task, but with the help of a friend, I'm sure we can handle it. It is highly recommended to read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before starting the installation. Different showers can be significantly different from each other, so you must first follow the manufacturer's recommendations.


Tip: Align both ends before screwing the frame members. Also, check the bulge carefully. Otherwise, you will not be able to place the glass plate later.


If you purchased a kit that includes a pallet with panels and a frame, check their compatibility. Glass panels are very fragile, so be careful not to damage them when unpacking the wall components. Before you start, make sure you have all the tools, tape measures, good drills, screwdrivers, and caulking guns you need.


The first step in this work phase is the assembly and installation of the metal frame. When tightening, do not overtighten the screws.


Tip: Make sure both ends are aligned before installing the frame member


After assembling the metal frame, it is recommended to place it on a pallet so that it fits properly. The frame is not rigid enough to be mounted on the wall, so it is useful to have an assistant.


Check with the alcohol gauge to make sure the pillars of the frame are upright. Then mark the wall where you need to make a hole to attach the frame.


Tip: Make sure to check the verticality of both racks.


Then temporarily remove the frame to the side and drill a hole in the wall. You need to work carefully because you need to drill the tiles. Otherwise, it can easily crack. Use a good concrete drill to minimize the RPM of the drill. Gradually increase the speed as the depth of the hole increases.


Tip: Before drilling, make sure no water pipes or electrical cables are running through the wall at this point.


After drilling the holes, insert the appropriate sized plastic anchors. The dowels must match the size of the holes. If they do not match, the structure will not be preserved properly


Tip: Just before installing the frame, apply the sealant that adheres to the wall to the front.


Replace the frame and secure it with screws. When twisting, make sure there is no gap between the wall and the frame.


Tip: Remove excess silicone before drying. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult.


Install the side panels according to the manufacturer's instructions. Use a screwdriver to attach the included fasteners. Make sure the panel matches the rest of the structure.


Make sure the glass panel is installed correctly. If not installed properly, the shower enclosure will not be watertight. If you need professional results, be careful and careful.


Attach the casters to the shower door and secure them with screws according to the manufacturer's instructions. The same applies to accessories such as door seals.


Tip: Ask a friend to help you install the door. It is more convenient to do this part of the work together.


Attach the door rollers to the channels and see how easy they slide. Adjust the rollers as needed, but do not use too much force.


Tip: In many cases, careless workers simply broke the door during installation. Great care should be taken in this part of the work.


If the casters are not installed properly, the shower door will be difficult to move along the wall.


Simply attach the door handles and insulate all seams. Apply silicone sealant to all edges, especially where the frame meets the pallet. It is recommended to hold the gun at an angle of approximately 45 °. After applying the silicone, wipe it with a wet finger. Wait for a while for the seal to dry.

Final Thought

If you follow the tips and instructions from our manufacturer, you will soon be able to use the shower as intended. It's much more fun to agree, wash and notice that the shower room was set up independently.

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