How about the bathroom ceiling?

Summary:1. The bathroom is divided into integral bathroom and simple...
1. The bathroom is divided into integral bathroom and simple bathroom according to function; according to the style, it is divided into corner-shaped bathroom, in-line bath screen, arc-shaped bathroom, bath screen on bathtub, etc.; according to the shape of the chassis, it is divided into square, full circle, fan-shaped, and diamond-shaped Bathroom, etc.; according to the door structure, it is divided into sliding door, folding door, and swing door bathroom. 2. The overall bathroom has more functions and higher prices, and generally cannot be customized. The whole bathroom with steam function is also called the steam room. People with heart disease, high blood pressure and children cannot use the steam room alone. Compared with the overall bathroom, the simple bathroom has no "roof" and is rich in styles. Its basic structure is a bottom basin or an artificial stone bottom or a natural stone bottom. The bottom basin is made of ceramic, acrylic, artificial stone, etc., the bottom or the bottom basin Plastic or tempered glass bathroom is installed on the bathroom, and the tempered glass door is made of ordinary tempered glass, tempered glass, water corrugated tempered glass and cloth-patterned tempered glass. 3. Home improvement ceiling is a common link in home improvement. Ceilings are classified according to different materials of decorative panels. Ceiling decoration materials are the main basis for distinguishing the names of ceilings. They mainly include: light steel keel gypsum board ceiling, gypsum board ceiling, mineral wool board ceiling, plywood ceiling, special-shaped long aluminum gusset ceiling, square painted aluminum gusset ceiling, painted Glass ceiling, aluminum honeycomb perforated sound-absorbing panel ceiling, etc. It occupies a very important position in the whole room decoration. Appropriate decoration on the top of the room can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also create a colorful indoor space artistic image. When choosing ceiling decoration materials and design schemes, we must follow the principles of material saving, firmness, safety, beauty and practicality. shower doors
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