How important is it to attach an explosion-proof membrane to the tempered glass of the shower room?

Summary:I believe that the friends who have used the shower room und...
I believe that the friends who have used the shower room understand the benefits it brings and the pleasure of bathing. With the continuous reform and development of the shower room, all aspects of the shower room have been more comprehensively improved. However, no matter before or now, the most important part of the shower room is still tempered glass. If the quality is not up to standard, there will be a chance of self-explosive injury, and it will cause harm to the human body. The safety problem cannot be underestimated! Although the shower room glass does have a possibility of three-thousandths of self-detonation, this does not mean that consumers cannot avoid the harm of self-detonation. The most direct method is to attach an explosion-proof film to the tempered glass, so that even if the shower room occurs The self-detonation accident can also prevent the glass slag from flying and hurting people, and fundamentally avoid the damage caused by the glass to the human body. When choosing an explosion-proof membrane, be sure to choose an explosion-proof membrane that is certified by the International Window Film Association and qualified for the production of safety membranes. Some of the inferior films made of polyvinyl chloride not only have no protective effect in the event of an accident, but also contain toxic substances, which can cause chronic damage after long-term use. So when choosing a shower room, how do you tell if you are using tempered glass? I suggest here that when purchasing, be sure to pay attention to the factory name, factory address and certificate of conformity. There must be a laser printed 3C certification mark on the tempered glass. Use these as the standard to select products. Don’t be greedy or cheap, otherwise It is often myself who suffers. When buying, we can also tap the tempered glass with our hands. If a crisp sound is heard, it means that the tempered glass is correct; otherwise, it is just ordinary glass, this product must not be selected.
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