How to clean and maintain the glass and frame of the shower room?

Summary:1. Maintenance of tempered glass 1) Do not hit or hit the gl...
1. Maintenance of tempered glass
1) Do not hit or hit the glass surface with sharp objects to avoid damage.
2) Do not wipe the glass surface with corrosive liquid, so as not to damage the surface gloss.
3) Do not wipe the glass surface with rough materials to avoid scratches.

2. Maintenance of aluminum alloy frame
1)Electrostatic powder spray products (such as white, patina, yellow, red, purple and other solid spray type) first prevent direct sunlight and exposure, because the resin material and color base powder will have a photosensitive reaction, causing the spray layer to fade; Second, do not wipe with corrosive liquids or materials; third, do not use rough materials (including toothpaste) to wipe the surface; fourth, do not use sharp objects to describe the surface, such as aluminum stains, please use neutral detergent to dissolve Wipe after water.
2)Oxidation coloring products (surface coloring such as gold, silver, matte silver, wire drawing, etc.); compared with electrostatic spraying products, these products are not easy to fade, but their hardness is poor, and the surface cannot be depicted with sharp objects. If there are stains on the aluminum surface, please use a neutral detergent to dissolve in water and wipe it.

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