Bathroom decoration, 9 suggestions from people who come here

Summary:We all know that the status of the bathroom at home is reall...
We all know that the status of the bathroom at home is really only a trivial matter.    If other spaces in the house are well decorated, but the bathroom feels very ordinary or even a little shoddy, then there is no need to be surprised. But the bathroom decoration really needs attention, otherwise it is really dangerous if some places are not done well, and it is not impossible that accidents will occur. 1. No matter how small the bathroom is, it must be separated from the wet and dry. If it is too small to install the shower room, it will not affect the separation of dry and wet. One shower curtain is enough, but the shower curtain must be made of better material, otherwise Moldy is disgusting. Good thing recommendation: shower room of Pinghu Kaipunuo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.  2. Yuba is best to choose a light heater. The wind-heated Yuba is actually easy to catch a cold in winter. Although the lighted Yuba is drier, the bathroom is originally damp, so the light is better. 3. The smart toilet can be installed without money, but the smart toilet lid is very cheap, and can achieve about 90% of the functions of the smart toilet, especially the seat heating function is really comfortable, but you must choose the big-name product, after all, in a wet For space appliances, safety is really important. 4. The bathroom socket must be bought for the bathroom. In addition to the splash-proof cover, it is best to choose a socket with an automatic closing socket to prevent leakage. 5. The elderly and children in the home must install a constant temperature shower, especially in the home with a gas water heater and the water pressure is prone to instability. This can avoid unstable water pressure and the sudden increase and decrease of water, which may cause water temperature. Hot and cold, resulting in burns.   6. ​​In addition to choosing a thermostatic shower, it is best and easiest to choose a shower with an anti-scalding treatment on the surface, so that it will not be burned because it does not touch the hot water outlet pipe. 7. Floor drain must choose four anti-floor drains, that is, anti-odor, insect, anti-water and anti-clogging. The style is best to be gravity self-closing. Spring type and traditional water-sealing type are not the best choice. 8. The ground near the floor drain must form a slope inclined to the floor drain, so that the water will be more smooth, otherwise you have to control the water every time after the shower, which is really uncomfortable.   9. Finally, if the bathroom is really too small, don’t install the bathroom cabinet in the bathroom. You can install it outside the bathroom door, so you don’t need to worry about getting damp.

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