Big ideas for small shower rooms

Summary:OPEN UP THE SPACE Regardless of size, you can transform ever...
OPEN UP THE SPACE Regardless of size, you can transform every shower room into a stunning space. All with careful planning and attention to detail. With clever design and stylish furniture, you can enjoy a comfortable, clutter-free space. So, if you’re considering transforming a small bathroom into a shower room but not sure where to begin Creating a shower room provides a great way to save space in a small bathroom. You can achieve this by removing the bath and replacing it with a walk-in shower. So, a walk-in shower will definitely make the room look and feel more spacious. Walk-in showers come in a vast range of sizes to suit any space. This makes them a great option for adding sleek, designer style to your shower room. A walk-in shower enclosure consists of a low-profile shower tray, and one or two glass screens. You can fit a walk-in shower can between two walls, into a corner or you could create a walk-through shower. This will provide more space and accessibility. Also, a walk-in shower also allows you to create a wet room look but without all the associated cost and hassle. FIT A STATEMENT SHOWER Astatement shower will add wow factor to any shower room. You could fit a rainfall shower head and a concealed shower valve for a contemporary look. Oversized-recessed shower heads are a popular option right now. Designed to fit into the ceiling , you’ll achieve a streamlined look. Shower towers are another great option for shower rooms. There are many designs to choose from. A shower tower includes body-jets, shower head, and hand shower, on one easy to install panel. Some even feature a handy storage space for your showering essentials. Or, why not bring the latest technology to your bathroom with a digital shower? Digital showers make it easy to create your perfect shower. They feature precise temperature control, pre-set modes, and turn on with the touch of a button. Some have controls that change colour, so you know when the water is at the right temperature. Find out more in our guide to digital showers.

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