Difficult to clean stains on the bathroom shower?

Summary:The shower room is used by more and more families, but it al...
The shower room is used by more and more families, but it also adds a cleaning job to the housewives. If the shower room is stained with dirt, it is more difficult to clean. For this reason, the editor specially found a small coup to solve the problem:
1. The easiest and most practical method is to use a mixture of white vinegar and a little salt to clean it, and then use a brush to clean it. 2. You can use toothpaste to paint on the glass door of the shower room, then carefully and gently brush, and finally wash it with warm water.
3. Use glass cleaner, spray it directly on the glass of the shower room, and clean it with a dry rag to get your shower room as bright as new. But be careful, do not spray the cleaner on the hardware, because the cleaner will corrode the surface of the hardware, and the hardware can be wiped directly with a soft rag.
4. First wipe off the dust with a damp cloth, then wipe it with newspaper, and the advantage of this method is that it will not leave traces of water

5. The toilet cleaner used in the toilet can also be used to clean the glass of the shower room. After spraying some on the shower glass door, put on gloves and scrub slowly.
6. On the glass of the shower room, you will find that after a long time, there will be vague marks left by water vapor. Buy a glass squeegee, every time after taking a shower, shave it, you can keep it clean

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