How to clean and maintain the shower room? Don't miss these 4 tips

Summary:Since the summer, facing the increasingly high temperature, ...

Since the summer, facing the increasingly high temperature, not only the body feels very uncomfortable, but also the mood seems more heavy and impetuous. In the face of such hot weather, want to find a trace of cool and relaxing, as long as a big shower, a glass shower room, can make you enjoy the fun.



However, the dream is plump but the reality is skinny. Seeing that there was a layer of dirt on the glass of the shower room, did you suddenly lose the desire to shower? It’s time to come to a shower room maintenance war! Let's see some maintenance tips.

Nowadays, the shower room is mostly made of glass material. When used for a long time, it will produce water stains. How should we clean and maintain it in daily life?



Shower room glass cleaning tips:

  • Make a mixture of salt and vinegar and remove the stains from the shower glass with a mixture.
  • Go to the supermarket to buy glass cleaning solution. If it is stubborn stains, you can first use the toothbrush to brush it. Then scour with warm water.
  • If you only remove water stains from the glass, you can simply go to the supermarket and buy a glass scraper to remove water stains easily.



Maintenance method for each part of the shower room:

  1. Glass maintenance
  • Do not use corrosive cleaners to clean shower glass. More than 100 degrees of hot water and corrosive water may damage the shower glass.
  • If there is scratch on the glass in the shower room, you can use the 1500# water sandpaper to gently wipe the scratches until the scratches are smooth, and then apply a small amount of toothpaste on the soft cloth to wipe the scratches.
  1. Hardware maintenance

The hardware equipment that needs to be cleaned and maintained in the shower room is the wheels and sliders.

Problems that should be paid attention to in the use of wheel and slider:

  • Avoid hitting the door with force, so as not to cause the door to fall off.
  • Pay attention to regularly clean the slide rails, wheels, sliders, and add lubricant (lubricating oil or lubricating wax)
  • Regularly adjust the adjustment screw of the slider to ensure the effective bearing and good sliding of the slider to the sliding door.  



    1. Tray maintenance

Daily cleaning is needed to ensure that the bottom basin is clean, no debris, and timely disposal of water problems, so as to ensure that the shower room environment to achieve a clean and tidy effect.

  1. Profile maintenance

Electrostatic spraying(Refers to white, bone, blue, yellow, red, purple and other solid spray molding.)

  • Prevent direct sunlight and explosion, because the resin material and color base powder will be photosensitive reflection, causing the spray layer to fade
  • Do not wipe with corrosive liquid or material
  • Do not wipe the surface with rough materials (including toothpaste)
  • Do not scratch the surface with sharp objects



Oxidation coloring,(Refers to the surface coloring of gold, silver, silver matte, brushed silver and other surface coloring.)
These products are not easy to fade with respect to electrostatic coating products, but their hardness is poor. So:

  • Do not wipe the surface with rough material
  • Do not scratch the surface with sharp objects
  • If stains appear on the surface of the aluminum, wipe it with a neutral detergent.


The soft lines of the Kaipunuo shower room, the unique light refraction effect makes it easy to touch people's hearts. Showering in the clear shower room of Kaipunuo, there is no feeling of depression, as if the whole bathroom has become light and the mood can be completely released. In the hot summer, let the Kaipunuo shower room support you for a cool day!

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