Shower Room Inspiration

Summary:Now that you have finished preparing the budget for your sho...
Now that you have finished preparing the budget for your shower room upgrades, it’s time to gather some inspirational ideas for your project. First, let’s start off by looking at the highlight of your shower room, the shower enclosure itself!  Corner Shower A classic way to approach a shower room is to add a corner shower enclosure. By nature, a corner shower will be set against a corner in the room with two glass sides facing forward. This arrangement brings a variety of advantages. First and foremost is its ability to save space. If you tuck your shower in the corner, it won’t take up as much floor space. In particularly small bathrooms it is quite common to remove the tub and replace it with a shower to maximise as much space as possible. The second advantage that a corner shower brings is its capacity to maximise the distribution of natural light. The two glass sides which contain the shower will allow plenty of light into the enclosure. It will also allow the light to better disperse throughout the room, especially when compared to opaque shower curtains surrounding a tub. The more natural light that is able to travel throughout the room, the larger it will seem. If you have a small bathroom then a corner shower enclosure is a win-win which saves you space and makes the room seem larger! Quadrant Shower A quadrant shower comes with similar benefits to a corner shower. Like a corner shower, a quadrant shower is also placed in a corner of the bathroom. However, it is somewhat different than a corner shower in that it isn’t contained by rectangular glass walls. Instead, it has a curved exterior. This curved exterior can help to save even more space. If you find that the dimensions of a corner shower stall will still infringe on your space, then a quadrant shower could be the perfect alternative. Even if you don’t need a quadrant shower due to space restrictions, it can still make a stunning addition to your bathroom. The unique curvature of the shower stall’s exterior will make it a statement-worthy addition to any home. Rainfall Shower Head For an extra touch of luxury in your shower room consider swapping a traditional shower head for a rainfall shower. In contrast to a regular shower head which is angled out from the wall, a rainfall shower head is placed above your head. This allows the water to fall directly from above just like a rain cloud. Just imagine showering under your very own steamy rain cloud. It’s undeniably the perfect way to transform your bathroom into a rainforest oasis. Raise it Up Beyond a rainfall shower head, another way to make your shower room stand out is by adding a raised lip to the edge of your shower. Adding a tiled lip to the edge of your shower will create a distinct division between your shower and the rest of your bathroom. This concept works especially well in larger bathrooms as it can add a sense of cosiness in an open space. To blend the edge’s tiling into the aesthetic of the rest of the room simply match the tiles to any accent tiles that you use for the backsplash or borders around the room. Alternatively, you could also raise the entire shower upwards a few inches to truly make a statement.

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