The purpose of shower screens

Summary:Shower screens are designed to keep water inside the shower ...
Shower screens are designed to keep water inside the shower area and prevent it from splashing or spraying onto other parts of the bathroom. They can be made of various materials, including glass, acrylic, or plastic, and can be mounted in various ways, such as being framed, frameless, or sliding. Shower screens serve several purposes:
Water containment: Shower screens help to contain the water spray within the shower area, which helps to prevent water from splashing onto the bathroom floor or other areas outside of the shower.
Privacy: Shower screens can provide privacy for the person taking the shower. This is especially useful in a bathroom shared by multiple people.

Bathroom tempered glass bath cubicle shower screen with double sliding doors
Aesthetic appeal: Shower screens can enhance the appearance of a bathroom by providing a modern and sleek look.
Ease of use: Shower screens can be easier to use than shower curtains, as they do not require any additional maintenance (such as replacing a shower liner) and do not cling to the person taking the shower.
Durability: Shower screens are typically made of durable materials such as tempered glass, which can withstand the moisture and heat of a shower environment.

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