What is the size of a general shower room? What are the shapes of the shower room

Summary:Nowadays, as people's living standards continue to improve, ...
Nowadays, as people's living standards continue to improve, more and more people are pursuing comfortable and high-quality home life. However, good-quality shower rooms are not only daily necessities, but also artwork that highlights the owner's taste. Below I will introduce Let me introduce to you the size of the general shower room and the shape of the shower room. 1. What is the size of a general shower room 1. Height of shower room Generally, the height of the suspended ceiling is 2.4 meters, so the height of the shower room is basically 1.8 meters to 2 meters. It can also be adjusted according to the height of the family. You also need to pay attention to the placement of the shower. If it is too low, it is easy to splash water outside. If the height is too high, it will hinder the appearance and breathability. 2. Width of shower room The width of the shower room is designed according to the user's ability to ensure that the body can move flexibly during use, and the body will not touch the glass. The size of the shower room is usually 900x900mm. If the user's body is fat or tall, it can be designed according to the actual situation. If the space in the bathroom is limited, it can be 850×850mm, but it is better not to be less than 800mm. 3. In fact, the size of the shower room is to choose the right shower room product according to the size of the bathroom. The large area can be considered from the perspective of comfortable and flexible showers, and can have many options. If the area is small, it is necessary to use the space enough to buy some push-pull designs or internal design that will not occupy the position. The integrated rack is enough to use space. The size of the shower room and the overall effect of the bathroom should also be considered when choosing the size. Second, what is the size of the general shower room-what shape does the shower room have? 1. Inline shower room The shower area of ​​many families is designed inside the bathroom, occupying a whole wall of the bathroom, and the in-line shower room is used to divide the wet and dry areas into two halves. 2. Square shower room A square shower room cannot occupy a whole wall like a straight line. It can only occupy a corner of the bathroom with a square. Of course, it also requires a large area of ​​space. 3. Diamond shower room Some family toilets are not large, and the corner of the square may be close to the toilet, which seems to be crowded. We can cut a corner into a diamond shape, the outside passage of the shower room can be much looser, and there is room for opening the door. 4. Circular arc shower room The arc shape is a square transformation, and it is usually suitable for the elderly or children at home, and it is not easy to hit. The arc-shaped shower room can be completely customized, and it can not be customized without the difficulty of processing curved glass. 850mm*850mm is the limit size, no matter how small it is, it is not suitable.

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