Why does the shower room glass have to be filmed

Summary:Why does the shower room glass have to be filmed Because tem...
Why does the shower room glass have to be filmed Because tempered glass has a "self-explosion rate of three thousandths", do you know this national standard for the tempered glass industry? The tempered glass in the shower room suddenly exploded. It is understood that domestic complaints and claims about the spontaneous explosion of tempered glass occur frequently, and what is more serious is that the product brand and reputation are affected. Because it is difficult to identify the cause of "self-destruction", many consumers are arguing with businesses. Some businesses have no choice but to say to consumers that the national standard tempered glass has a "self-explosion rate of three thousandths." After the film is pasted, there is basically no falling off due to high water vapor humidity. The biggest function is to prevent the glass fragments from splashing and hurting people when the glass bursts, which can play a good adhesion effect and better protect personal safety. The glass safety explosion-proof film is installed on the surface of the tempered glass of the shower room and the glass of the building curtain wall, and the broken glass is bonded in place until it is safely removed, thereby reducing possible human injuries, protecting property safety, and reducing explosions. Loss, which can clearly identify the accident responsibility. Long film glass film has many styles, new patterns, safe and beautiful. Tempered glass is the same, mainly depends on the thickness, the thicker the more expensive, the film must be useful, to avoid the glass broken and exploded all over the floor. Tempered glass is the use of physical or chemical methods to transform flat glass into pre-stressed glass. Tempered glass has self-explosion, so filming is necessary! Can reduce the chance of tempered glass hurting people!

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