Why is the choice of shower room glass very important

Summary:The most important part of the shower partition is the glass...
The most important part of the shower partition is the glass. The glass area is very large, and the shower area is relatively slippery, so the safety of the glass is the top priority. Although everyone knows that glass should be tempered glass, tempered glass is also divided into fully tempered and semi-tempered. Therefore, we should pay attention to small businesses on the market. In order to reduce costs, semi-tempered glass is used. At the same time, because the production process is not up to standard, the glass has impurities and bubbles, and the risk factor is very high, even if it is put on explosion-proof film. Again, cheap is not good, and good is not cheap. The national standard for tempered glass is: after the tempered glass is broken, it is safe to have more than 40 fragments per 50*50mm area on average. The difference between tempered glass can be checked from the following points:

1. 3C certification: The quality of glass with 3C certification is guaranteed. If you choose the 3C logo printed on the glass by laser, the 3C certification on the glass can also be affixed, but it is not as good as the insurance of laser printing.
2. The thickness of the glass is 6-8mm: the thickness of the glass in the shower room is 6-8mm to be considered safe. It is better to tap it with your hand and the sound is crisp. It is better to observe the faint lines on the surface of the glass. Of course, it is not the thicker the better. The thickness is too thick and the weight is large, and the profile is easy to bear the weight. If it requires higher safety, it is recommended to use laminated glass in the shower room, of course, the cost will be higher.
3. The edge of the glass is flat: before use, check whether the glass has any missing corners and whether the edge is flat. Avoid the hidden danger of self-explosion of glass.
4. Observation with sunglasses: When purchasing a shower partition, wear sunglasses. If you observe colored lines on the glass, it is safety tempered glass.
5. Put explosion-proof film on the glass: Although the tempered glass is of good quality, it also has a self-explosion rate of 3/1,000, so for safety reasons, you must put an explosion-proof film to prevent the 3/1,000 chance of hurting people.

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