Is it better to use glass doors or curtains in the bathroom?

Summary:In general family bathrooms, glass doors or curtains are bas...
In general family bathrooms, glass doors or curtains are basically used to separate wet and dry. Some people may ask: Which one is better for glass doors and curtains? Is it a glass door or a curtain? Glass door for bathroom: 1. The glass door is a special door, which is neither a solid door nor a special-shaped door, and the glass material can be an opaque or translucent door that has been tempered, or a fully transparent door. What kind of material door to choose in the bathroom depends mainly on a specific location installed in the bathroom. The opaque glass door mainly serves as a concealment function, and the transparent glass door mainly serves as a partition and an extension space. 2. The bathroom glass door refers to the glass door of the shower room in the bathroom. There is often a separate shower room installation in the bathroom. In order not to occupy the space of the bathroom, the shower room usually uses glass as its basic material during installation. The glass door is a transparent thing in the bathroom. It will not hinder the visual effect of our space. This is the main factor why we choose to install the glass door in the bathroom. 3. Now many people like to install floor-to-ceiling glass doors in the bathroom, which are fashionable and beautiful, and can increase the transparency of the bathroom. Commonly used for bathroom or shower room glass doors are ordinary glass and tempered glass. Of course, there are hidden dangers in bathroom glass doors. Bath curtain: 1. The bathroom shower curtain should be equipped with a water-retaining strip. It is understood that many friends think that as long as the floor of the shower area is slanted to the floor drain, you can do it, but the drain speed of the floor drain is slower than the shower flushing speed. Therefore, water blocking strips should be installed on the floor of the shower area. The water-retaining strip must be laid outside the shower curtain, so that the water does not flow along the shower curtain to the outside of the shower area. It is best to choose a water-repellent strip made of natural stone, with a thickness of 1 to 2 cm. It is enough to choose a mold-proof high-quality glass glue to be laid on the periphery of the shower curtain. 2. The choice of shower curtain. The length of the shower curtain must be appropriate, and the hem is preferably about 2 cm away from the ground. Choosing the right shower curtain can add a lot of color to the bathroom. 3. The way to hang the shower curtain. One is to install flexible shower curtain rails, and the other is to install shower curtain rods. Special attention should be paid to the installation of flexible shower curtain rails. Nowadays, aluminum buckle plates will be installed in toilets, and flexible shower curtain rails will be installed on aluminum buckle plates. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the specific installation position of the track, and then reinforce the keel at the corresponding position. Shower curtain rods are divided into expansion rods and fixed on the wall with nuts. If you use a straight shower curtain rod at home, and there are wall support points on both sides, you can choose an expansion rod. This shower curtain rod is very easy to install and move, and you can also take a bath towel or the like. For curved shower curtain rods, it is better to choose two ends that are secured to the wall with nuts, and stainless steel pipes must be selected. Thick and sturdy ones should be used. Regardless of whether it is a glass door or a curtain, it can separate the wet and dry of the bathroom. The glass door may look taller and easier to clean. However, the curtain pattern and style will be more. In fact, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, mainly based on their own actual situation. Still the old saying, the right one is the best.
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