Is the bathroom door a sliding door or a swing door?

Summary:When you are decorating, the bathroom area is the most impor...
When you are decorating, the bathroom area is the most important place to pay attention to. Waterproof and moisture-proof are essential. In addition to the various requirements of the hard outfit, the soft outfit also needs a lot of consideration. Which bathroom door should you choose a sliding door or a swing door? How to choose the bathroom door? Swing door features: moisture-proof, anti-deformation, privacy, sealing 1. Airtightness: The toilet is a place for excretion, sometimes it smells great. If you choose to install a sliding door, it is embarrassing for Real to hear the flush of the toilet in the living room. Regardless of the smell or the sound, the airtightness of the swing door is several blocks away from the sliding door. 2. Moisture resistance: The water vapor in the bathroom is more humid, and the sliding door may be deformed for a long time. However, if you choose a side-hung door, the moisture-proof performance is better, the service life is longer, and the use of cost-effectiveness is higher. 3. Practicability: There is almost no sound when the door is opened and closed, the noise is small, the service cycle is longer, and the sealing, heat preservation and dustproof performance are excellent. At the same time, the swing door is used as the bathroom door, which can give the residents more privacy and security. Features of sliding door: The sliding door of the bathroom takes up very little space, or even negligible. The sliding door does not affect the size of the bathroom, so it looks very spacious. For small spaces, the use of sliding doors can effectively avoid unnecessary conflicts when opening the door. Some people have unreasonable design of the drain position of the toilet. For example, the toilet is very close to the door. It is unavoidable to use a normal swing door to avoid embarrassment. Using a sliding door can avoid this embarrassment, so that people will not hit the toilet as soon as the door is opened. In the bathroom, sliding doors can be used to separate the dry and wet areas, and some areas can be demarcated in the large space as resting or storage places; for small spaces, the sliding doors can connect the external space, connecting the bedroom or the study, The reception room is used as its expansion space, and the "dry" area of ​​the bathroom is set in these spaces, and then the original small bathroom is made into a "wet" section, so that the original small bathroom can be turned into a favorite In the bathtub, enjoy the fun of bathing without being disturbed by outsiders.
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