Price For Efficiency: How Much Is A Small Shower Room?

Summary:It could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to purchase a...

It could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to purchase and remodel a small shower room. If you’re wondering why it seems pricey, it’s because it improves the functionality and aesthetics of your room, increasing your home's resale value.

The price varies depending on what kind of shower room you want. Read on to check out what’s the most ideal one for your budget overall home design!

Top 5 Picks For Small Shower Rooms

There are different designs and specifications of shower rooms. That said, the costs can vary also. Here are some of our top picks for small shower cabins:

1. Modern Shower Pod

A modern shower cabin provides a warmer shower in a private space. More than that, this bath shower cabin is perfect for small bathroom spaces and has a metal beam reinforced with an ABS tray with four height-adjustable feet.

In addition, it’s already pre-plumbed for easier installation. Let’s talk about the price and details below:


  • Length: 35.4 inches

  • Width 35. 4 inches

  • Height: 84.6 inches

  • Panel Material: Tempered Glass

  • Glass Type: Clear

  • Glass Thickness: 6 mm / 8 mm

  • Price: starts at 127 USD

2. Bathroom Corner Shower Room

If you’re looking for a transparent, small bath cabin, perhaps our corner shower room is the one for you. It has a practical shelf that offers convenience for shower bathing.

Aside from that, there are numerous options for configurations. For instance, you can add a steam system, foot and body massager, and more.

Check out this corner shower cabin’s specs for your reference:

  • Length

    • Option 1: 35.4 inches

    • Option 2: 39.4 inches

  • Width

    • Option 1: 35.4 inches

    • Option 2: 39.4 inches

  • Height

    • Option 1: 84.5 inches

    • Option 2: 84.6 inches

  • Panel Material: Tempered Glass

  • Glass Type: Clear

  • Glass Thickness: 6 mm

  • Price: starts at 219 USD

3. Prefab Shower Room

Let’s hop into the prefab shower room, a more functional bath cabin. This one is a complete bath shower cabin combo with various accessories like a hand shower, mirror, drainer, toilet, and basin.

It’s more massive than our other picks, but it won’t take too much for your bathroom area. Let’s talk about the details here:

  • Length: 190 cm

  • Width: 120 cm

  • Height: 220 cm

  • Panel Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS + Tempered Glass

  • Glass Type: Fabric Tempered Glass

  • Glass Thickness: 5 mm

  • Price: starts at 355 USD

4. Compact Shower Room

A compact shower room is obviously the most minimalist among our top picks. Take note, however, that the matching base is sold separately.

On top of that, it has a freestanding installation. Look at its specs closely:

  • Length: 100 cm

  • Width: N/A

  • Height: 220 cm

  • Panel Material: Aluminum / Tempered Glass

  • Glass Type: Clear

  • Frame Type: Framed

  • Frame Finish: Black Painted

  • Glass Thickness: 6 mm

  • Price: starts at 150 USD

5. Aluminum Shower Room

You can enjoy a warm bath and steam with the newest Aluminum Shower Room. It’s one of the best options for a leak-proof shower or bath. 

On top of that, there are other features you can choose from to enhance your bathing experience, including adding a hand shower, glass shelf, and touchscreen control panel.

The main components include the following:

  • Black glass wall

  • Roof

  • Bottom tray

  • Fixed and sliding glass doors

On the other hand, here are the necessary specs you should look out for:

  • Length: 47.2 inches

  • Width: 47.2 inches

  • Height: 84.5 inches

  • Panel Material: Tempered Glass

  • Glass Type: Clear

  • Glass Thickness: 6 mm

  • Price: starts at 272 USD

7 Tips And Tricks To Become More Price Efficient When Choosing Small Shower Rooms

Who wants to pay huge cash for small shower rooms when you can spend less for the same quality? As homeowners, we love price steals and good discounts.

Check out the tricks and tips you can do on your next purchase!

Tip #1: Define your financial capacity.

Before shopping for any bathtub shower combo or steam cabin, ensure you strictly set a budget — no more overspending. This tip can help you focus on different shower room options that match your budget limits. 

Tip #2: Check the features.

Note that if your shower cabin has numerous features, it’s costly. That said, make sure to assess all the features first, especially since some of them might be unnecessary.

It will be more affordable once you get rid of the non-essential bathroom features.

Tip #3: Keep an eye out for great deals.

Just like any other product in the market, your desired bath cabin could be on sale or at a promising discount. Purchasing a bathtub shower combo or a small shower room during such periods may save costs.

Tip #4: Buy from your local manufacturers.

Remember that international manufacturers and suppliers often offer a higher price for their all-in-one shower pods. It’s because you also have to pay international shopping fees.

Before jumping into that option, make sure you already checked the local stores. Their shipping time is slower, and the fees are lower.

Tip #5: Look for a minimalist design.

Not only do they look elegant and timeless, but they are also cheaper than bathroom designs with exotic materials. Keep in mind that having minimal materials and standard design can lead to affordability.

Tip #6: Request for price breakdowns.

Ask your local supplier about the price breakdown and for a detailed quotation before buying the shower cabin. Understand and check what you’re paying for to prevent paying unnecessary additional fees.

Tip #7: Aim for DIY installations.

The good news is some manufacturers offer shower room units that are easy to install. You wouldn’t have to pay for labor costs here. Just read the manuals and watch the manufacturer’s video to guarantee a better and safer bathing experience. 


A small shower room can be pricey, starting at a hundred bucks. However, if you plan to resell your house, you can get a higher price for its market value — thanks to your upgraded shower room. 

So, if you’re buying a new bath cabin, check the tips listed in this blog. This can help you become more price-efficient in choosing the best shower pod in your home.

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