Should bathroom install shower room? What does the design of shower room have?

Summary:Is it essential to install shower room in bathroom? There is...

Is it essential to install shower room in bathroom? There is this confusion mainly because the shower room will take up half of the bathroom space.

But actually to the humidity degree of bathroom, installation shower room can reduce really 90% above. And as long as the bathroom area in the home is not too small, it can be installed in the shower room!

So, what style does shower room have?

1.Shower Screen

Shower screen has two kinds of forms: enclosed and half open type. The small bathroom is suitable for this style, especially the semi-open type, which is simple to install and saves space.

If it is a small bathroom, shower screen is a good choice.



2.Arc-shaped shower room

The arc-shaped shower room can choose a corner, use the walls on both sides, and customize according to the size. Therefore, whether it is a large area or a small area of the bathroom is quite suitable.

This kind of shower room has a variety of shapes, stylish and beautiful, and integrity is stronger.


3.Square shower room

The square shower room is suitable for a square bathroom with a large enough space. It occupies a large space, so it is not suitable for small-sized bathrooms.

But compared to other types of shower rooms it is the easiest to clean.


4.Bathtub screen

Some people like to install a bathtub in their bathroom. But once the bathtub is installed, there is basically no space for shower room.

But some clever friends will install a glass door on the bathtub. It is also a "shower room" in terms of waterproofing.


According to the bathroom in your home, choose a shower room that suits you! It is really convenient to have a shower room at home, and the bathroom will be more dry and hygienic!


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