The floor of the bathroom shower room is so beautiful

Summary:The floor of the bathroom shower room is so beautiful that i...
The floor of the bathroom shower room is so beautiful that it not only drains quickly, is non-slip, and the grade is also high! Decoration style: different styles Many times after buying a new house, the bathroom will be built as a shower room or shower partition when it is renovated. In most people’s bathroom shower room decoration, the floor will use the traditional method of laying ceramic tiles. Although the tiles are easy to care for, they also have the disadvantages of slipping during bathing, slow drainage and easy accumulation of water. Therefore, the tiles in the shower room are usually 300*300 non-slip floor tiles. It can be said that this traditional method can meet the basic requirements. Demand, but it can no longer meet the pursuit of high-quality life. Nowadays, it is more and more popular to make a marble groove on the floor of the shower room, which is not only anti-slip, but also shows the grade. Marble troughs are usually installed on the floor of the shower room, and the location is conspicuous. Through this method of paving, even relatives, friends or colleagues will feel that they are very good at first sight. The entrances are different, and different showers. Partitions, different marble colors, as long as you choose a beautiful decoration suitable for your own home, I believe everyone will praise it after reading it. The drawing groove is generally made of marble, and a small square of 8 cm long is cut on the surface of the stone with a machine, and the depth is generally not more than 1 cm to form a vertical and horizontal groove.  Advantages of marble broaching: 1. The drainage speed is fast. I believe everyone knows that the bathroom shower room uses a lot of water when taking a bath, so we all hope that the drainage should be fast. Because of the shape of the groove, water can be quickly discharged along the groove, and then enter the floor drain through the drainage groove, so that no water will accumulate on the ground. 2. The safety is high and not slippery. Every family is very concerned about the slip resistance of the floor in the bathroom shower room. Especially the elderly and children pay more attention to safety when taking a bath. It is necessary to ensure that the floor does not slip when bathing, and the marble is pulled. The surface of the groove is made up of small squares to form a grid. The foot can effectively prevent slippage when stepping on it. It is especially suitable for the elderly, children and pregnant women. Just like the following, the stone in the middle is the grooved stone, which can effectively prevent slippage. The grooved groove can also divert the flow while preventing slippage. The water flows along the surrounding depressions. 3. The effect is more beautiful and high-grade. The bathroom shower room is laid with a whole piece of marble groove. Compared with the traditional monotonous tile floor, it is easier to form a visual beauty. And the floor drain of the marble groove is generally designed at the corner of the wall to facilitate drainage. It has a certain degree of concealment and a more comfortable foot feel, which improves the grade of decoration. The integrity of this approach is very strong, and the stone water retaining strips can also be integrated with the ground. If the whole bathroom is paving stone or floor tiles imitating stone, the effect is better. The decoration method of the marble groove on the floor of the bathroom shower room is shared here to make the bathroom more practical and beautiful. I wonder if you like this kind of decoration? shower rooms
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