The shower room wants to drain quickly and beautifully. The master taught me 4 decoration tips, which are too useful

Summary:The shower room at home is mainly used for bathing. Even so,...
The shower room at home is mainly used for bathing. Even so, we also hope that it is beautiful and beautiful, so that we can have a good mood when we take a bath. When decorating the bathroom, you need to know the size of your own bathroom in advance, and design which type of shower room design is suitable for it, whether it is square, corner, or arc. From the aesthetic point of view, more and more people like the bathroom wall as a background wall. The background wall of the shower room is generally designed in the position of the shower, and there are many personalized tiles that can be provided for you to choose. If you don't want to be too obtrusive, you can choose floor tiles of the same style and different colors as the background. Use different laying methods to enhance the beauty of the background wall. If you want your own shower room to be beautiful, you must make a background wall you like. Matched with the most popular showers on the market, it comes in black paint, and there is also an Internet celebrity explosion of gold and gold, so there is no need to choose stainless steel. The effect must be beyond your expectations. In addition, from a practical point of view, it is mainly reflected in the design skills of the shower room floor: 1. The artificial marble with high cost performance is used in the middle, and the concave curved lines are polished by professional brick grinding tools. This design solves the problem of easy slippage of the marble smooth surface, and there is no need to buy a floor mat to slip under your feet. 2. There is a floor drain under the shower head. Tiles are placed around the center marble and 2-3cm below the marble surface. The master must be required to make an oblique floor drain slope of the entire plane for good drainage and quick drainage. 3. The shower room must have a waterproof platform as shown in the picture to prevent water from flowing out. 4. The shower door is generally made of toughened glass. If it is too thin, it can easily be blown up. Its frame is best to find the same color as the shower to maintain the color consistency of the entire bathroom. Another way is to use shower curtains instead of shower glass doors. If you choose it, this shower curtain is also a beautiful scenery in the bathroom. Of course, be sure to choose a material that is easy to dry, otherwise it is easy to mold. The cost of the shower curtain is the lowest. If you don’t like it, just throw it away and replace it with a new one. The shower room designed in this way feels very unusual after thinking about it. Do you want to have one too?
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