The treatment of shower room for reference

Summary:The shower room is actually a kind of partition for dry and ...
The shower room is actually a kind of partition for dry and wet separation in the bathroom. It can be a mini house, it can divide the independent bathing space in the bathroom, so as to separate dry and wet. In general bathrooms are usually equipped with toilets, wash basins or bathroom cabinets, as well as towels, bath towels and other daily necessities. In order not to splash water on these things when taking a bath, it is necessary to install a shower room in the bathroom. A more reasonable choice. In addition, the shower room is rich in shape and bright in color. In addition to the function of blocking water, it is also a good decoration.
The stainless steel shower room, as the name suggests, is a frame made of stainless steel, and the shower unit composed of fully tempered glass or laminated glass and other hardware accessories must be made of 304 stainless steel;
The aluminum alloy shower room is a frame made of aluminum alloy. Like the stainless steel shower room, it is also a shower unit composed of fully tempered safety glass and other hardware accessories. The main material is aluminum profiles, but different shower room manufacturers use it. The quality of the aluminum profiles will also vary.
Stainless steel shower enclosures have better corrosion resistance than aluminum alloy shower enclosures. When we use the shower room, it is inevitable that we will often come into contact with shampoo, body wash and other skin cleansers, etc., more or less will have a certain acidity and alkalinity, once the time is long, the deposition and edge cleaning are not enough Thoroughly, then the material will be corroded, and even the corrosion-resistant stainless steel will have a corrosion reaction.
Moreover, the use of the shower room is not for one or two days. After a long time, the oxidation reaction of the material and the air will cause corrosion. In this case, the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel shower room is better.
Nowadays, many stainless steel shower rooms are clean and simple in appearance and have a very strong metal texture. In the past, the biggest criticism of stainless steel shower rooms was that the color was monotonous, but now color steel has been developed on the market, so that stainless steel is no longer single; while the aluminum alloy shower room is in appearance. There are more choices in design, rich color changes, and more appearance design changes. When the aluminum alloy shower room is electroplated, it looks more fashionable.
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